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  1. Atosa MBF8520GR Bottom Mount 1-Door Upright Freezer
    SKU: MBF8520GR
  2. Atosa MBF8006GR Top Mount 3-Door Refrigerator
    SKU: MBF8006GR
  3. Atosa MGF8401GR 27-Inch Under-Counter Refrigerator
    SKU: MGF8401GR
  4. Atosa MBF8508GR Bottom Mount 3-Door Refrigerator
    SKU: MBF8508GR
  5. Atosa MBF8507GR Bottom Mount 2-Door Refrigerator
    SKU: MBF8507GR

Atosa Refrigerators

Atosa Refrigerators

Atosa is a leading provider of reliable and high-performing commercial refrigeration solutions. Atosa refrigerators, sometimes known as Atosa fridges or Atosa coolers, are well-known for their high quality and long-lasting sturdiness. At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, we have a large selection of Atosa commercial freezers built to withstand the rigors of the food service business.

Exceptional Quality for Commercial Applications

Atosa refrigerators are designed mainly for commercial refrigeration applications such as restaurants, cafés, and hotels. These refrigeration units are constructed with high-quality components and cutting-edge technology to provide a better performance, energy efficiency, and lifespan. Moreover, Atosa freezers are intended to keep perishable foods fresh and safe by focusing on precise temperature control and durability.


McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has a wide range of Atosa commercial freezers to meet your requirements. You may locate the perfect item for your space and operating needs, ranging from reach-in refrigerators and glass door merchandisers to prep tables and under-counter refrigerators. Our Atosa refrigerators are available in various sizes, configurations, and capacities, enabling you to tailor your refrigerated solution to your specific needs.

Built for the Demands of the Foodservice Industry

Commercial kitchens need durable refrigeration. Atosa refrigerators exceed these standards. Stainless steel construction, sturdy door hinges, and easy-to-clean interiors make these refrigerators durable. They provide reliable refrigeration yearly in a professional kitchen's challenging environment. We recognize the necessity of dependable refrigeration in the food service sector at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, because of our dedication to offering high-quality goods.


Atosa refrigerators are a great commercial refrigeration option for food service operations. Atosa is known for its quality, performance, and durability. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers a variety of Atosa refrigerators with reliability, energy efficiency, and affordability. Visit our website to read about our Atosa commercial refrigerators. Depend on Atosa and McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies for commercial refrigeration!