Glass dinnerware sets are a must-have in every restaurant. However, there are a lot of traditional and specialized glass dishes to choose from. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the:

  • Multiple types of glass dishes considered a “must-have.”
  • Reviews of some of our most popular glass dinnerware products

6 Types of Must-Have Glass Dinnerware

When you think of dinnerware, what comes to mind? Most people will mention the basics:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups

glass dinnerware

However, there are a lot of other options to consider that can help improve your restaurant’s presentation, make it easier to serve food, and even help staff. A few glass dishes that are easy to overlook are:

  1. Salad Plates: Ornate and plain plates exist, and they can help boost the aesthetic of your eatery. If you’re known for your salads and want to improve customer experience, consider salad plates.
  2. Cup Saucers: If you serve cappuccino, espresso, or other drinks, you may want to consider saucers. These cup saucers will catch any liquid that drips down the cup and makes for a fancy table setting.
  3. Relish Dish: Any eatery that serves a lot of relish or similar items may want to consider investing in relish dishes. Of course, this is a very restaurant-specific item and may not be necessary for all eateries.
  4. Sundae Dish: Ice cream sundaes or similar sweet treats deserve their own dishes. Sundae dishes are heavy and thick, making them good options if you serve a lot of desserts.
  5. Oval Platter: Platters can help make it easier for your waitstaff to bring patrons their food. 
  6. Dessert Glasses: Finally, large dessert glasses are a nice addition to your glassware sets. These glasses are tall and sturdy, and they can hold anything from milkshakes to frozen drinks and more.

With all of these fantastic glass dish set options to choose from, it’s time to review some of the most popular dinnerware in our selection.

10 Glass Dinnerware Reviews of 2023

1. Libbey 1788489, 10.6-inch Moderno Dinner Plate, DZ

The Moderno dinner plate is a stunning option with a classy design. Known for its high-quality glass dishware, Libbey offers this plate with a 10.63-radius and very sturdy construction.

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2. Libbey 1788491, 7.5-inch Moderno Salad Plate, DZ

Libbey also offers a matching salad plate that will look great in any eatery. The clear plate spans a radius of 7.5-inch and is ideal for cafés and upscale restaurants.

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3. Libbey 13246422, 5.8 Oz Ischia Cappuccino Saucer, DZ

The Ischia cappuccino saucer is a fantastic dish that comes with a dozen saucers per pack. Perfect for diners, cafés, and restaurants, this saucer is eye-catching, will reduce staff cleanup time, and helps provide a fancy, upscale look to your space.

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4. Libbey 5317, 9-inch Fountainware Clear Banana Split/Relish Dish, 2 DZ

glass dish set

Do you serve relish or banana splits? If so, this clear dish is perfect for your eatery. The clear dish is 9” in length and width, so it makes the perfect dish for extravagant desserts. And the clear glass will entice other guests who see the dessert to order one of their own.

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5. Libbey 92383, 80 Oz Wake Storm Oval Bowl, 6/CS

The Wake Storm oval bowl is designed to make a bold statement, and it exceeds these expectations. Each bowl is big and bold, yet it's designed to be lightweight and easy for your staff to carry.

The bowl has the following dimensions:

  • 5.6” length
  • 9.5” width
  • 4.6” height

Classy and durable, the Wake Storm is the focal point of the table and will be a great conversation piece for your guests.

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6. Libbey 5336, 7 Oz Tara Fountainware Sundae Dish, 2 DZ

Another fun dishware set is the sundae dish set. This glass masterpiece is heavy and beautiful. Designed for diners and restaurants known for their delicious sundae desserts, this piece has dimensions of 6” in length and width.

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7. Libbey L5277, 2 Oz Prism Dessert Shot Glass, 12/CS

Is it a shot glass or a dessert glass? The Libbey Prism Dessert shot glass is just two ounces in size and is perfect for your drinkware. A square base allows for high stability and the glass has a diameter of 1-7/8”.

The height of these glasses is 2.5”.

Additionally, the shot glass is commercial grade and dishwasher safe.

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8. Durobor 353/05, 1.75-Ounce Duke Shot Glass, (set of 6)

The Duke shot glass is another great option, with a 1.75-ounce weight, and comes in a set of six. Add liquor, fruit, small food bites or more into the glass. The base of the shot glass is square, and a dimpled wall makes it easier to grasp the shot glass, reducing slippage in the process.

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9. Durobor 347/45, 14.75-Ounce Disco Bowl, (set of 4)

The Disco Bowl is another great option, sold in sets of four, that can hold anything from your latest desserts to salads and fruits. Each bowl weighs just under a pound and has been designed to be scratch-resistant.

glass dinner set

Made in Belgium, these bowls are dishwasher-safe and provide a sense of elegance to any space where they’re placed.

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10. Durobor 537/11, 3-1/8 Oz. Ellipse Amuse-Bouche Bowl, 6-Piece Set

Fancy and functional are two words used to describe these bowls. The bowls are perfect for salads, creamy desserts, and more. These pieces are made of the highest quality glass and are made in Belgium.

In addition, the bowls are designed to be dishwasher safe, so you never have to worry about cleanup time taking longer than expected.

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