Restaurant POS systems are evolving to allow customers to pay faster than ever before while also making it easier for your team to manage sales, inventory and more. In 2021, there are many great POS systems that restaurants are using to improve customer experience and boost efficiency.

The Best Restaurant POS Systems of 2021

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Clover Station

Clover Station is a sleek, modern restaurant POS that comes with multiple model options that will fit into every business’s operation. The main options are:

  • Station Solo for full-service restaurants
  • Station Solo + Flex for full-service restaurants

When you use the Clover Station Solo, you’ll gain access to a robust set of features that include:

  • Process and print orders, track orders and more
  • Contactless and online payment options
  • Contactless service option
  • Compatibility with Clover’s restaurant management suite
  • Custom order options for delivery, takeout and dine-in
  • Complete floor and table mapping

If you opt for the Flex option, you’ll be able to take orders and print receipts tableside and curbside. You can automatically send order information to the kitchen from Flex, too.

All of your information is saved to the cloud, and you can view trends and reports at your fingertips, with in-depth insights built into the platform.

Toast POS

Toast offers a restaurant POS system that over 40,000 restaurant owners use. As a leading point of sale system, Toast also provides custom solutions for larger operations. The Starter option is perfect for single restaurant locations.

With Toast, you’ll unlock restaurant-specific features, such as:

  • Cloud-based reporting
  • Seamless integration to 100 providers
  • Inventory management
  • Online ordering
  • Gift card options
  • Loyalty options
  • Business reports
  • Data analytics

Toast has fully-integrated payment processing options, no hidden fees and flat rates. You can even accept credit card payments offline. If you want more power out of Toast, there are hardware options and services that you can use, too.

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A POS system for restaurant owners that aims to make it simple and easy to take orders, receive payments and more. TouchBistro’s POS systems come loaded with features, such as:

  • Floor plan and table management to speed up kitchen-to-table time
  • Menu management makes it easy to manage orders and upsell items
  • Reports and analytics, with over 50 insights into performance, sales and more
  • Inventory management solutions to reduce waste
  • Staff management to streamline shift schedules and payroll
  • Tableside ordering
  • App integration to seamlessly connect TouchBistro to your favorite apps

But that’s not all that this POS system for a bar and restaurant offers. With add-ons, you’re able to add in more great features that will keep your restaurant running smoothly. The add-ons include options to simplify reservations, online ordering, gift cards and loyalty programs.

TouchBistro’s POS has customizable hardware that enables seamless integration across all of your hardware.

If you need to install the system yourself, TouchBistro will help with step-by-step installation assistance. Virtual support is also offered to provide contactless support for restaurants that want to keep staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


HungerRush is a robust restaurant POS software that offers solutions for quick service, pizza, fast casual and full service.

Multi-channel digital ordering and marketing solutions can help increase sales while giving customers an easy way to order their food (app, web or by text).

Transactions are fast and reliable, and HungerRush offers competitive rates for payment processing.

Because HungerRush is a SaaS, you never have to worry about your software being out of date. Instead, it’s easy to customize your solution with the available RMS modules, and the solution also connects your back-of-house and front-of-house operations for improved efficiency.

HungerRush has a quick and painless demo that lets you take all of its features for a test drive.


Lightspeed is taking the lead when it comes to contactless ordering and payments. The platform offers a safe and straightforward way for diners to make payments and order their meals right from their phones and at the table.

Customers can also place orders for pick-up and delivery.

Orders are sent right to the kitchen, making it easier for staff to focus on delivering the best customer service.

Lightspeed’s system also offers some more advanced features, such as planning your restaurant’s layout for social distancing. With the tap of a button, you can move tables around and make adjustments to your floor plan to keep customers safe.

For deliveries, Lightspeed integrates with DoorDash and UberEats, so orders are sent directly to your POS system.

Lightspeed’s focus on contactless interactions and easy online ordering make this the ideal POS system for restaurants that are just starting to reopen.

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UpServe is an all-in-one solution for restaurant management that can handle:

  • Payment processing
  • Inventory management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Point of sale, and more

UpServe also provides valuable insights that you can use to boost your margins and your bottom line. One-click purchasing makes inventory management a breeze, and the platform makes it easy to see which menu items are the most profitable.

Additionally, the UpServe platform also supports online ordering and has a Reputation feature that displays all of your reviews in one convenient location.

UpServe’s POS system makes it easy to boost staff productivity and sales from anywhere and anytime. 

Sysco’s CAKE

CAKE is a robust POS solution that can handle the entire dining experience. CAKE offers:

  • Contactless payment options
  • Easy-to-use interface that makes training a breeze
  • Curbside management with two-way texting
  • Online reservations
  • Automatic calls and texts when tables are ready
  • Real-time table status
  • Low processing fees for online orders
  • Direct integration into CAKE POS for online orders for greater accuracy
  • Customers the option to choose between curbside and contactless delivery

CAKE sends accurate orders to your kitchen, which greatly reduces the risk of errors and confusion. Guests can split checks, and you can keep a close eye on your inventory.

CAKE is an all-in-one POS solution that helps restaurants manage all aspects of their business.


These are the best POS solutions for restaurants in 2021. These systems receive high marks for supporting contactless payments and deliveries. Many also provide a one-stop solution for all restaurant management needs, making it easier for restaurant owners and managers to keep things running smoothly.


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