Back bar coolers are a functional necessity in most bars. When you’re handing people beer or liquor all night long, these coolers keep the drinks ice cold from start to finish. The right coolers provide space for hundreds of bottles or cans, and the shelving is often removable for larger items.

Depending on the model, kegs can be placed inside to keep the party going all night long.

If you’re looking for something more powerful than a small mini bar fridge, back bar coolers offer you an affordable option.

5 of the Best Back Bar Coolers

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1. Turbo Air TBB-24-72SG-N Underbar Review

Turbo Air has a large, 73” width with a three-glass-door design that is perfect for anyone searching for bar refrigerators. The unit has a black vinyl exterior and a 24.5” underbar, too. Hydrocarbon refrigerants keep the interior cold.

High-density insulation keeps drinks cold, while the unit’s 1/3 HP compressor offers enough cooling power to reach the entire 20.62 cubic foot interior. In addition, the interior temperature can be adjusted between 33°F and 38°F to keep drinks at ice-cold temperatures.

Dimensions of the unit are:

  • 73  1/8-inch width
  • 35  3/8-inch height

The forced air cooling is ideal for back bar coolers and also benefits from the built-in, easy-to-clean air filter. The air filter keeps dust from entering the unit and is easily vacuum-cleaned to prevent additional maintenance costs.

The self-contained unit has 4” diameter caster wheels and offers Low-E, double pane glass.

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2. Beverage Air BB94G-1-B Review

It doesn’t get much better than this Beverage Air model if you need a large working space. Heavy-duty and reliable, this is one of the top back bar bottle coolers for larger bars. The unit can confidently cool both bottles and cans.

When you need to cool kegs, there’s enough room for five full-sized kegs inside.

Temperatures can be set between 33°F and 38°F, and the 1/3 HP compressor can keep drinks ice-cold even in extreme heat. The unit has optional caster wheels for easy transport and is rust-resistant.

Dimensions of the unit are:

  • 95-inch width
  • 37 1/4-inch height

Each glass door has its own lock for additional security, and the compressor comes with a warranty for peace of mind.

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3. Beverage Air BB72GY-1-B Review

Beverage Air’s second model on our list has a three-glass-door design and ample interior space to hold everything from liquor to beer, sodas or water. In addition, the shelves can be removed to hold three wall beer kegs.

The stainless-steel cabinet has a black finish and offers to wear resistance to keep the fridge looking its best for years to come.

All doors are self-closing and boast a swinging glass door design. Dimensions of the unit are:

  • 72-inch width
  • 34-inch height

The top is made of 2” stainless steel, and an electric control system makes temperature control as easy as possible. LED lights provide interior visibility, and each door features built-in locks for added security.

The total interior space is 19.92 cubic feet.

The shelves are coated in epoxy to make them easier to clean, too.

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4. Beverage Air BB58G-1-B Review

Beverage Air offers a sleek, two-door model that’s perfect for smaller kitchens. The unit boasts two frosted glass doors and a large, stainless-steel top. Heavy-duty and reliable, the cooler’s interior offers fluorescent lighting that allows for easy visibility of all of your drinks.

As a small bar refrigerator, the unit can have all shelves removed for added storage space.

Users can even put full-size kegs inside if the shelves are removed. In addition, each door features its own lock and magnetic door gaskets.

Dimensions of the unit are:

  • 59-inch width
  • 37-1/4-inch height

You can confidently adapt this cooler to any bar environment to meet your needs. Temperatures can be held between 33°F and 38°F.

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5. Coldline UBB-24-72GSS Review

Coldline’s back bar refrigerator features a triple glass door design. Swing doors make retrieving drinks from the bar fridges simple and easy, thanks to the recessed door handles. The unit boasts 19.6 cubic feet of space and even has six corrosion-resistant shelves.

LED lighting illuminates the interior, while the 1/4 HP compressor works to keep the bar fridge between 33°F and 41°F.

The entire unit is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean.

Dimensions of the unit are:

  • 24-inch length
  • 72-inch width
  • 35-inch height

Optional casters are available with glass and black door options, too. Doors have locks built in to prevent theft, and the 304 stainless steel top is one of the industry’s best.

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What to Consider When Buying Back Bar Coolers

Back bar coolers are a significant investment, and you need to choose your cooler diligently. A few of the main things to consider are:

  • Financing. If you don’t have the money to purchase a cooler upfront, financing may be an option.
  • Caster Wheels. Coolers are heavy, so if you want to move the unit, you’ll want to consider caster wheels. A lot of models offer wheels as an optional add-on.
  • Shelving. What type of shelving is provided? Adjustable and removable shelving allows you to rearrange the interior for additional customization.
  • Warranty. What type of warranty is available on the compressor and the unit itself?

Our sales reps can provide recommendations on which model will work best in your bar.

Final Thoughts

Back bar coolers with glass doors, or solid doors, offer you the flexibility to keep your drinks cold day and night. Tabletops make it easy to pass foods or drinks from the bar fridge to the customer’s hand.

With multiple options available and the ability to adjust temperature ranges up and down with ease, bar refrigerators are an affordable addition to any eatery.