Peach tincture on strong alcoholic base turns out fragrant, moderately sweet with a well-perceptible taste of fruits. It is important to adhere to the correct recipe, which allows you to extract all the necessary substances.

Extraction time - 10 days


  • grape brandy - 500 ml (17 oz).
  • peaches - 200 gr (0.45 lb).
  • dry tea rose petals - 1 cup
  • vanilla extract - optional, a couple of drops

For tinctures, it is better to use frozen and very ripe fruit. Freezing will release the fruit’s sugars, which will intensify the taste of the ready-made drink. If the peaches are not giving enough aroma - add a drop of vanilla extract, it will emphasize the taste. The tincture will turn out to be moderately sweet and less alcoholic than pure brandy.

Layer the crushed peaches and rose petals in the sterilized jar or other suitable container. Fill it with brandy, plug the jar and vigorously shake it. Leave it at room temperature for 10 days, periodically shaking the jar in order to maximize extraction. After the extraction process is finished, filter the solution through cloth, squeezing everything out. Pour it into the bottle. It can be served as a digestive, for brandy based cocktails or tea. Peach tincture can also be used to soak cakes.