Commercial combi ovens are a mainstay in many commercial kitchens that are trying to streamline their cooking, save space and time. If you’re not sure if your restaurant can benefit from these ovens or are looking for the best combi oven reviews, we’ll be answering all of your questions in this article.

What are Combi Ovens?

The word “combi” is short for combination. A combination oven, like the ones we’ll be reviewing shortly, are three-in-one ovens that combine the following:

  •         Steamer
  •         Convection oven

Additionally, you can combine the two to replace multiple appliances. When you have two appliances combined into one unit, it offers numerous benefits:

  •         Space-saving technology that is ideal for smaller restaurants
  •         Faster cooking time due to food cooking in one place
  •         Save money by investing in one unit rather than multiple ones

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You can also mix steam and convection cooking into one to provide unique dishes to your patrons.

When you purchase the best combi ovens, they’ll include various features, such as alarms, capacity racks, pre-saved cooking options and automatic cleaning systems. These advanced ovens empower your chefs so that they can cook high-end cuisine faster than ever before.

A few of the foods that are cooked most often in a combi oven are:

  •         Meat
  •         Fish
  •         Veggies
  •         Pastries and breads

Gas vs. Electric Combi Ovens

Electric and gas combi ovens are available, and the right choice for your kitchen depends on the building and setup. If you already run your operations off of gas units, it’s likely easier to stay with a gas setup.

However, electric units can be used to reduce reliance on gas and may make sense if you don’t have gas already.

electric combi ovens

In terms of food quality, there’s always a massive debate on gas versus electricity. Some cooks prefer the way gas cooks their food while others prefer electric. You'll need to sit down with your lead chef and discuss the options that you have available.

He or she may prefer one type of fuel over another, and it’s crucial to know before ordering your own combi oven.

Modern kitchens should consider installing a combi oven.

Combi Ovens Reviews


1. Rational Model 202 A228206.19D (GAS) Review

Rational is a leader in combi ovens, and they’re a brand that we carry extensively. This model is a gas combi that offers a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. The intelligent heating design allows chefs to choose among multiple types of cooking, such as:

  •         Steam
  •         Stew
  •         Bake
  •         Roast
  •         More

Boasting an oven that has a 20, full sheet size pan capacity, this oven offers a robust design and stainless-steel interior and exterior. All technical and installation information is available, allowing for an easy installation.

Cleaning is also easy, thanks to the simplicity of stainless steel.

The oven combines all of these features in one convenient unit that spans just under 43” in width and 70” in height.

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2. Rational Model 202 A228106.43 (Electric) Review

The Rational 202 is the electric counterpart to the last model we reviewed. This model is nearly identical with the same width and height, but you don’t need a gas connection. Additionally, this unit weighs significantly less than its counterpart and can be easily installed.

This electric combi boasts a 20, full-size sheet pan capacity and is constructed using 304 stainless steel.

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3. Rational Model 201 A218206.27D (GAS) Review

If you’re in the market for a gas combi oven that is less expensive than the previous two or simply don’t need a larger unit, this model is the one for you. Instead of being able to hold 20 full sheets, this unit can hold 20, half-size sheets.

CSA, Energy Star and NSF certifications exist.

Designed with 304 stainless steel, this model is designed with self-cooking settings to allow even novice chefs to cook delectable foods.

The unit has CareControl that will clean the unit automatically to allow for less cleanup time when your restaurant opens. A staggering 163,000 BTU is offered through this propane unit.

Temperatures can be changed between 85°F and 575°F.

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4. Rational Model 201 A218106.12 (Electric) Review

Rational’s 201 model is another electric combination oven with a twenty-half size sheet capacity that comes with a user-friendly design and smart heating system. Cooking modes offered, include:

  •         Bake
  •         Steam
  •         Stew
  •         Roast

Smaller and more affordable than other models on this list so far, this unit comes with wheels for easy transfer and weighs just under 600 pounds.

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5. Rational Model 102 A128206.19D (GAS) Review

Finally, a truly different unit on our list is model 102. Powered by gas, this model is smaller in size and can hold ten full size sheet pans. Also, Energy Star efficient and NSF certified, the main difference between this model and others listed is its size of:

  •         42” wide
  •         41” height
  •         461 pounds

Multiple cooking modes exist, and this model costs significantly less than the first two models on our list. If you have a smaller establishment, this is a good combi oven to consider,

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6. Rational Model 62 A628206.19E (GAS) Review

If you’re in the market for an even smaller gas combi, this is the unit for you. Designed with the same 304 stainless steel and impeccable quality of other models listed, this unit offers a capacity of just six full size sheet pans.

Spanning a mere 42”  x 30.75”, this model is ideal for the quaint eatery that wants to make its operations faster and more efficient.

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If you’re interested in commercial kitchen combi ovens, we have over 50 in our inventory that will work perfectly in your commercial space. We have both gas and electric models and units in all price ranges

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