Restaurants, bars, and cafes rely heavily on repeat customers. When you have repeat patrons coming in on a regular basis, you're able to cut back on marketing expenses and reap higher profits. It's also good for business to have steady money coming in week after week.

Before a restaurant gets to this level of security, they need to promote their business.

Custom printed promotional products offer an opportunity to expand your business and customer base through strong branding.

custom printed promotional products

A few of the must-have custom promotional products that you can affordably have made for your business are:

Custom Cold Clear Cups

Branded clear cups are the main branding product you'll see in many cafes. Want an iced latte? Chances are, they're going to be served in one of these cups. Eco-friendly and made with 100% recyclable material, these are great cups that can be used in cafes of all sizes.

You can also use them for takeout at a restaurant if you're serving cold drinks.

Customers will often drive around with their drinks, sipping away on their ride to work or home. The branding you place on the outside of the container will form a strong form of marketing and promotion.

Hot & Cold Paper Cups

Paper cups are a good option, too. You'll find these cups everywhere, from restaurants to fast food joints and even cafes. The custom printed paper cups can have all of your information added to them:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Slogan
  • Phone number

Spread your message with your own signature cups and also choose from three main cup types: single, insulated double, and ripple double wall. These cups are perfect when serving everything from hot coffee to cold soda and even tea.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

If you serve a lot of coffee or tea, it's a smart idea to serve with a coffee cup sleeve. These sleeves are going to be a little thicker than the typical coffee cup material and provide a lot of customization options, including imprint area, colors, and an easy-to-grip texture area.

Custom branded products offer you the opportunity to brand yourself to customers and their friends.

When serving hot drinks, one of the biggest complaints is that the cup is too hot and can cause burning. Simply slip on a coffee sleeve, and you don't have to worry about the coffee burning your customers' fingers.

custom printing promotional items

Printed Napkins

Dine-in or takeout options almost always include napkins. People need to wipe off food or liquid from their hands or faces. These napkins offer a lasting impression that can be purchased in bulk.

Promote your brand, impress your customers, and keep everyone's hands clean.

Napkins come in a variety of size and style choices that are perfect for every eatery. If you plan on handing out napkins, you may as well use this as a branding opportunity that can help get your name out to more people in your area and build a loyal consumer base.

Shopping Bags

Bags are custom branded promotional products that people will actually continue using week after week. When it comes to bags, people have a hard time throwing them out, which is a benefit for your restaurant.

You can have bags custom-made so that you can hand people with takeout orders or leftovers a bag.

Consumers are far more likely to ask for a takeout box if you have an easy way for them to carry all of their food. When we print bags for our customers, we choose to use a variety of material options that include:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Laminates

For less than ten cents, you can purchase bags that carry light and heavy food options.

custom printed paper products

Food Containers

If you're offering anything else aside from just dine-in with no leftover option, it's important to have food containers for your guests. You'll pay as low as five cents for a container that can confidently hold hot and cold items.

These containers are blank canvases that you can choose to place your logo, slogan, and other information on.

When you make your food containers an advertisement, you're able to promote your business from the moment you hand the food container off to the person to the moment that they throw out the container.

Anyone else in their household or office will see your logo for additional promotion and branding. Food containers are the perfect opportunity for you to transform leftovers into an advertisement.

Printed Labels

One of the most overlooked custom printing promotional items is printed labels. Your labels can make a statement, and these labels are highly affordable. You can place these labels on food containers, cups, or another packaging.

Businesses can simply add their logos and info on the labels.

You can also take this time to add nutritional information to your packaging, too. When you add nutritional information, you're assisting your customer when they're making food choices. Adding printing labels is one of the easiest, most versatile options that you can choose for your establishment.

And these are just custom printed promotional products that you can start handing out to your customers. There are opportunities to also sell custom mugs or even apparel, depending on your brand.