When it comes to takeout containers, restaurants have many options. But as more consumers and businesses become concerned with their environmental impact, more restaurants are offering eco-friendly take-out containers. 

Packaging materials account for 63% of the U.S.’s solid waste production. Food packaging waste is a big problem both in the U.S. and across the globe. Eco-friendly takeout containers can help reduce this waste and meet customer demand for more environmentally friendly packaging options.

eco take out containers

What are Eco Friendly Takeout Containers Made Out Of?

Eco take out food containers are made from materials that can be commercially composted or break down quickly and easily.

Some of the most popular eco-friendly container materials include:


Wood is a renewable resource, which makes it a sustainable option for takeout containers. Wood containers can also add an earthy touch to your takeout supplies and will undoubtedly impress your customers.

Typically, wood containers are made from fast-growing plants, like poplar and bamboo. They’re naturally commercially compostable and biodegradable. 

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made from leftover wood pulp, so it’s one of the most eco-friendly options for food takeout supplies. Kraft paper is also recyclable, although its manufacturing process isn’t as sustainable as other materials.

You can find Kraft paper boxes, bags and more.


Bamboo is a great option for biodegradable takeout containers and take out supplies like utensils. Along with being biodegradable, bamboo is highly sustainable because it grows so quickly.


Bagasse is made from sugarcane pulp. It's completely biodegradable and compostable, making it an excellent option for plant-based packaging. 

The material is made by drying and pressing the pulp from sugarcane stalks. It’s naturally grease- and leak-resistant, so it’s a great option for takeout containers. They’re also microwave-safe and freezer-safe. There’s no need to worry about these containers falling apart before customers get them home.

PLA Plastic

PLA plastic is a bioplastic that’s plant-based. It’s derived from tapioca roots or cornstarch. The great thing about this material is that it can be commercially composted and offers many of the same benefits as traditional plastic. 

What to Consider When Choosing Eco Takeout Containers

Now that you know a little bit more about how eco takeout containers are made, it’s time to start comparing your options. Which containers are right for your restaurant? Here are a few things to consider:

Your Menu

One important thing to consider when choosing takeout containers is your menu. What types of foods do you serve? 

For example, saucy and greasy dishes may not work well for certain container materials. PLA plastic and bagasse may be the best options here.

Container Liners

Takeout containers made from wood, bamboo and Kraft paper may be available with leak- and grease-resistant liners. Although these liners take away from the eco-friendliness of the container, they give you more flexibility in the packaging you choose.


Of course, your budget will also play an important role in which containers you choose. Some materials are more expensive than others. Try to find a happy medium that allows you to add eco-friendly container options without eating too far into your profits.

Eco Take Out Containers Reviews 

eco takeout containers

Restaurants have more options than ever for eco-friendly takeout containers. We offer several types of biodegradable and compostable takeout containers. 

Some of our top options include:

SafePro 32 oz Double Wall Kraft Paper Soup Cup

SafePro’s 32-ounce soup cup is perfect for serving side dishes and soups, whether hot or cold. This container has a vented lid and rigid construction that resists leaks.

The kraft paper construction makes this container eco-friendly.

Green Wave Bagasse Container

Green Wave’s bagasse container comes in an 8x8x3 size with a hinged lid and features one large compartment for food.

Bagasse is an excellent material for all types of food, including hot, cold, deli, greasy, sauce – you name it.

Fineline Settings 3-Compartment Bagasse Containers

These bagasse containers from Fineline Settings are deep-hinged and have three compartments. Made from renewable resources, these containers are both microwave and freezer safe.

The three compartments make this container a great option for serving salads, appetizers, sandwiches, entrees and more.

These containers are compostable and come in a stylish white color.

Fineline Settings Bagasse Single-Compartment Container

Fineline Settings also offers a single-compartment container made from bagasse. These containers are low hinged and perfect for serving entrees, sandwiches, desserts and more.

Like other bagasse containers, these are microwave and freezer safe. In addition, their 8x8x2.5” size makes them a versatile addition to any restaurant.

PacknWood 25 Oz Round Bamboo Salad Box

If you serve salads and want an eco-friendly takeout container option, these bamboo boxes from PacknWood are a great option.  

These salad boxes are biodegradable and compostable. They're also recyclable and freezer safe. Just keep in mind that these boxes are designed only for cold foods. 

PacknWood 8 oz Rectangular Wood Box

These 8-ounce wood boxes from PacknWood will impress your customers and give your desserts a more elegant look. Made from natural wood, these containers are perfect for cookies, candy and savory snacks, like nuts.

The box is biodegradable, recyclable and microwavable. 

PacknWood Burrito and Crepe Container

If you serve burritos or crepes, PacknWood has an eco-friendly option for takeout containers. You can also use these specialized containers for sandwiches and wraps. They're made from 100% recyclable and natural materials. 

These kraft paper containers can be microwaved and feature a convenient tear-off so that customers never have to worry about getting their hands dirty.

SafePro 9x6x3 Bagasse Container

SafePro’s 9x6x3 bagasse container features two compartments to keep entrees and sides or desserts separated. 

Made from sugarcane fibers, these containers are biodegradable and compostable. They’re sturdy, too, so they’re an excellent choice for takeout containers.

Karat 6 Oz Paper Container

Karat’s 6-ounce paper container can be used for packaging hot and cold foods, including ice cream, soup, frozen yogurt and more.

These containers have a durable double poly-paper construction, so they’re leak-free and eco-friendly. They’re compatible with 96-mm lids, too.

No matter what type of eatery you run, these containers are a great option for small servings of hot or cold takeout foods.

Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly takeout containers can help your restaurant go green and meet customer expectations. We carry a wide range of biodegradable and compostable containers to meet all of your needs for takeout supplies.