Spring and summer bring beautifully warm weather. People either love grilling up their own food or going to the best BBQ restaurants in town. If you're like many restaurant owners, you'll be searching for the best grilling tools to make cooking easier for your kitchen staff.

There's nothing quite like firing up the barbecue and grilling everything from meat to vegetables.

However, if you don't have the right grilling tools and accessories, now is the perfect time to invest in some. Here are ten of our BBQ grilling tools that we recommend adding to your checklist this year.

10 Best Grill Tools and Accessories to Buy in 2022

grill tools and accessories

1. Bristle Brush

Keeping a grill clean and free of food particles is a necessity in a commercial kitchen. Multiple tools can do a spectacular job at cleaning a grill, but the absolute best choice and the first thing most kitchens invest in following a grill are bristle brushes.

Bristle brushes are essential BBQ grill equipment, and we have quite a few options in stock for you, including:

Once you have a good way to clean your grill, it's time to focus on the temperature of the food.

2. Surface Thermostat

Grilled cuisine is in high demand, with many diners seeking out the best grilled food in town. However, you need to ensure that all food is adequately cooked to meet safety codes and standards.

How do you monitor the surface temperature of your grill? Use a grill surface temperature monitor, like the Winco model that we have in stock. 

Even if the grill you own has a temperature gauge, it's always important to have a secondary thermometer to ensure that food is thoroughly cooked. Gauges break, and keeping a backup thermometer is one of the leading recommendations in 2022.

3. Grill Spatula

You can never have too many spatulas. From flipping burgers to fish, you need a spatula that slips right under your food and makes grilling as easy as possible. A few of the spatulas that we have in stock include:

We have a wide range of spatulas in our store. 

4. Griddle Screen Holder

Another tool that's easy to overlook when trying to keep your grill in pristine condition is a griddle screen holder. The screen holder is easily mistaken for a tool to apply pressure to meats or sandwiches, but it's a cleaning tool.

bbq grill tools

Griddle screen holders allow your staff to safely and confidently clean a grill, protect their hands from grease and heat, and do it all while applying even pressure when cleaning.

A few models that we have in stock are:

5. Skewers

Skewers are a great option if you plan on serving food on skewers, such as grilled vegetables, potatoes or meat on skewers. You'll find a wide variety of options in our store in numerous quantities, such as the:

Keeping skewers in stock is a good option for any restaurants that are offering grilled vegetables or meats.

6. Scraper

Unfortunately, we're still not done with cleaning supplies. You want your grill to remain in the best possible condition. A scraper is another good option that works great with bristle brushes because they make it simple for you to scrape off stuck-on food particles and meats.

Chefs can also get very creative with the right scraper.

A few of the models that we have in stock, include:

You can't go wrong with adding a scraper to your list of grilling tools and accessories.

7. Fuel

Of course, you need the right fuel for commercial restaurant grills. Restaurant gas grills will often hook into a gas line, but you will need to purchase charcoal if you prefer using restaurant charcoal grills.

8. Long-handled Tongs

Grilling forks are great tools to have on hand, but you'll love using long-handled tongs instead. These tongs will offer you supreme gripping power that allows you to move meats and other foods around without losing some of the delicious juices and flavors in the process.

9. Fire Extinguisher

Grills can catch fire, and one of the accessories we recommend is a fire extinguisher. You'll want to, and likely need to, have a fire extinguisher in your commercial kitchen.

grill equipment

10. Grill Light

The final item on our list is a grill light. Shed some light on the food you're cooking with a grill light. These lights aren't a necessity, but they'll make grilling more pleasant for your chefs.

You can also find a start grilling tool set that will come with the basic grill tools you need, such as for cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs. Restaurant grills can get a little more in-depth with:

  • Professional grill tools
  • Special restaurant grills
  • Electric restaurant grills

We have a wide selection of commercial restaurant grills for sale that you can browse through on our site. Our team has also purchased the best BBQ grill tools in the world and offers them at great prices for our customers.