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how to get more customers in my restaurant

Restaurant foot traffic has been struggling in recent months as inflation costs are keeping more consumers at home. Casual eateries experienced a 1%+ decline since August 2022, and the trend kept up throughout 2022.

Eateries must begin spending resources to increase foot traffic and lure patrons back in as inflation begins to stabilize.

Let’s look at a few ways to begin boosting foot traffic.

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swot for restaurant

Around 30% of restaurants fail within the first year. Even if your restaurant has had years of success, a SWOT analysis of a restaurant will be beneficial. It's never a bad choice to learn what your eatery’s strengths and weaknesses are and how to make adjustments to continue growing your operation.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the steps you need to take when running a SWOT for restaurant owners. However, it’s also important to know what an analysis includes and the benefits of running one for your eatery.

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loyalty program restaurant

Every restaurant should have a loyalty program, right? Not necessarily. While many restaurant owners find that loyalty programs play important roles in their marketing strategies, some establishments find that these programs aren't worth the time and expense. Let's take a closer look at restaurants with loyalty programs, how they work, and when they may not be a good fit.

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how to calculate turnover

Do you know how to calculate the turnover rate in your restaurant? If not, you may be missing out on key metrics that can help you better run, manage and grow your eatery. With rising expenses, it’s important to know that you can retain your most important assets – employees. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to understand your turnover rate and how you can improve this rate.

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people eating at a restaurant

Going out to dinner at a restaurant is one of the pleasures of working hard. In fact, 64% of adults go out to eat at least once per week. However, you’ll find that some eateries have an easy time filling their dining rooms, while others struggle to get people to come through the door.

What keeps people at restaurants day after day?

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the techniques that famous restaurants employ to keep people eating at restaurants worldwide.

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restaurants advertising ideas

Marketing is what drives customers to your doorstep. But if you’re like most restaurants, you don’t have a large budget for advertising. The good news is that there are many low-cost advertising ideas for restaurants that can increase your sales.

We’re going to share some creative ideas for restaurant marketing that won’t cost you a fortune.

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email marketing restaurant

Over 4 billion people check their email each day, and this is a prime opportunity for restaurants to promote their sales, new products, etc. Email marketing in the restaurant industry is popular, and it’s something that every eatery owner should be doing to improve sales.

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the future of fast food restaurants

When people hear the word "innovation", restaurants aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind. But the COVID pandemic forced the hospitality industry as a whole to change the way they do things. Contactless delivery, drive-thru, and online ordering made it convenient for customers to continue enjoying fast food even when dine-in options were unavailable.

Now, the future of the fast food industry is pointing more towards a cross-channel world.

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restaurant guests

First-time guests to your restaurant need a reason to come back. Your food may be exceptional, but restaurant guests want more from their experience than just great good. If you're searching for tips on how to impress first-time customers, the following tips are great ways to create value for your guests.

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food delivery business

Are you thinking of starting a food delivery business? Many startups are emerging that find new, innovative ways to deliver food to consumers' doorsteps. And demand for this type of business is soaring.

Estimates suggest that the industry will bring in $1.82 billion in revenue by 2024 - a staggering figure.

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