If you’re dreaming of opening a Mexican or taco restaurant, you may be wondering what you’ll need to get your operations up and running. Of course, like any other type of cuisine, you’ll need special equipment to prepare certain dishes.

So, what equipment is required for a Mexican restaurant? Let’s take a closer look.

What Equipment Do I Need to Open a Mexican Restaurant?

While your restaurant may have its own unique needs, these are some of the most common pieces of equipment you’ll find in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant.

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Tortilla Warmers

A tortilla warmer is an essential piece of equipment for a Mexican restaurant – and you’ll need a lot of them.

Tortilla warmers are specially designed, round containers that hold tortillas and keep them warm at the table or in the kitchen. Most warmers are microwave-safe for quick and convenient heating. They can be used to serve fajitas or even tacos.

We have several tortilla warmer options in our store:

These warmers are designed for 8.5” tortillas, which are the most common size served at Mexican and taco restaurants.

Tortilla Server

For freshly-made tortillas, a tortilla server is a must-have. The design is similar to a tortilla warmer, but they are not microwavable. These utensils are made only for serving tortillas.

Servers are the perfect size for storing and serving tortillas. We offer servers with an 8.25” diameter, which is the most popular tortilla size. Our most popular options include:

Taco Holders and Plates

If you’re serving tacos, you’ll need taco holders and plates. Whether you’re running a ghost kitchen, a taco truck or a sit-down restaurant, you’ll need a way to keep your tacos upright when serving guests.

Taco holders and plates make this as easy as possible. Holders are ideal for tacos that have already been filled by staff, while plates are better for tacos that customers fill themselves at the table.

We offer a variety of holders and plates in our shop to meet your needs, including:

mexican cuisine equipment

Taco holders and plates are essential if you’re serving hard-shell tacos. In addition, having a variety of sizes is important to ensure that you can accommodate customer needs.

Taco Boxes and Trays

For to-go options and takeout restaurants, taco boxes and trays can help keep tacos neat and upright while in transit. Look for containers made from quality materials that won’t get soggy and that offer special storage compartments for tacos.

We offer different types of to-go packaging options designed especially for tacos, including:

Specialty Fryer Baskets

Another essential piece of taco restaurant equipment is a specialty fryer basket. They allow you to quickly and easily fry hard-shell tacos or even create taco shell salad bowls.

We offer a few fryer baskets made for taco shells and bowls.

The right frying basket will make it quick and easy for staff to prepare tacos, taco salads, nacho bowls and more.

Tortilla Press

If you plan to make your own tortillas in-house, you’ll need a tortilla press. Cast iron presses are a great option because they heat up quickly and cook evenly, but you can also find non-stick presses that work well.

Tortilla presses are easy for staff to use. Just place the dough between the two plates, and press them together.

We have a few tortilla presses available:

  • Winco TPC-8C, which is made of cast iron. For this model, you may need to place the dough between two pieces of wax or parchment paper to prevent sticking. That being said, cast iron is highly durable, quick to heat up and will last for many years to come. We offer wax paper from Handy Wacks and Durable Inc to make it as easy as possible to cook your fresh tortillas.
  • Winco TPC-8A, which is made of non-stick aluminum. This model does not require wax or parchment paper. Just press and go.

Consider your options carefully when choosing a tortilla press. For example, some restaurants find that cast iron is too cumbersome to use, although the quality of the tortilla is often better.

Vegetable Slicers

If you’re serving tacos, fajitas and other Mexican dishes, you can speed up your prep time by investing in vegetable slicers. Tomato, onion and avocado slicers are great additions to any restaurant kitchen.

Lemon and Lime Juicers

Mexican dishes and tacos often call for fresh lemon and lime juice. Citrus juicers will make it easy for kitchen staff to juice fresh lemons and limes as dishes are prepared.

Tortilla Chip Warmer

If your restaurant is going to serve tortilla chips or nachos, you’ll want to invest in a tortilla chip warmer.

what equipment do i need to open a mexican restaurant

Warmers help keep your chips warm and fresh, and you can prepare large batches at once. The Winco 51026, for example, has a 26-gallon capacity. It also has a durable stainless steel construction, adjustable thermostat and convection heating fan.


If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your tortillas, bread or pitas hot and fresh, a steamer is a great option. The Adcraft CTS-1800W can accommodate a half-size pan and is easy to clean. With the touch of a button, staff can help keep food fresh and warm.

Nacho Trays

If your restaurant is going to serve nachos, consider investing in to-go nacho trays. These containers, like the ones from Winco, are designed to hold chips upright and have a special compartment for cheese.

These trays make it easy for guests to take a serving of nachos home, or for you to offer to-go and delivery options with ease.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to open a Mexican or taco restaurant, these are some of the most important pieces of equipment and tools that you’ll need.

We offer a wide variety of Mexican restaurant equipment for sale, including to-go boxes and everything else on this list. Check out our selection, or contact our staff if you have questions.