Did you know that in the United States alone, three billion pizzas are sold each year and consumed by over 200 million people? Pizzerias and restaurants across the country use a pizza preparation table of some kind.

A prep table goes well beyond a simple surface where you place the pizza in a box.

The right pizza table has a lot of benefits.

best refrigerated pizza preparation table

Benefits of the Best Pizza Prep Table

A prep table has many key features integrated into the design, with the goal of making pizza as streamlined as possible. The table may or may not offer the following features, depending on the model you choose:

  • Integrated pans. Small pans are integrated into many prep tables. The pans are designed to hold sauce, cheese, and various toppings and ingredients used to make each pizza.
  • Easy to clean. Hot pizza pans can be placed on stainless steel, and the material is perfect for cleaning and easy to scrape pizza off of. A marble top pizza prep table or equivalent stone with high heat resistance is a great alternative.
  • Freshness. Units often have built-in compressors that keep your ingredients cold and fresh. Cheeses will remain fresher for longer without requiring the pizza maker to go back and forth to the refrigerator to grab ingredients.

When you choose the right refrigerated pizza prep table, you can also cook outdoors with an authentic brick oven pizza maker. In addition, you'll find certain outdoor pizza prep tables designed specifically for outdoor use.

If you want to bring your pizza making outdoors, these tables are a nice addition that will add flexibility to your restaurant.

Outdoor tables are a good idea for clubs or venues that hold outdoor events. Guests can choose to grab a drink and then order some pizza while watching the show. For people who want to remain in open spaces and avoid the indoors, an outdoor prep table is a great option.

If you have questions or need assistance at any time before making an order, feel free to contact us. Our sales team knows the ins and outs of every pizza prep table we offer, so we're able to help you find the right table for your restaurant.

Our 5 Choices for the Best Pizza Preparation Table

pizza prep table reviews

1. Leader ESPT96 Review

A leader is one of the top brands in the pizza prep table world. The manufacturer's ESPT96 model is a massive unit that is considered a refrigerated pizza preparation table with top-of-the-line features.

This model features:

  • A large working area of 96" x 36" x 43"
  • 2 x 12 pans
  • Self-contained design with ВЅ HP compressor motor
  • Temperature ranges of 34В° - 40В°F
  • Built-in defrosting system
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • 4" x 5" casters for mobility

The prep table features three full-size doors and a half-size door. The shelves can be adjusted to meet your prep needs, and the unit's 39.9 cubic feet of space offer a large, accommodating size.

Click here to learn more about the Leader ESPT96

2. Leader ESPT72-M Review

The Leader ESPT72 is similar to the last model on our list, but this model boasts a marble top and has a smaller footprint. Perfect for restaurants and pizzerias, this model also has high-end features that will optimize your pizza-making process.

This model features:

  • A large working area of 72" x 36" x 43"
  • 2 x 81/3 HP motor
  • Temperature ranges of 34В° - 40В°F
  • Self-closing doors
  • Caster wheels for easy movability

NSF certified, this model comes with a three-door design and also has adjustable shelves. In addition, the top of the unit has a stainless-steel lid.

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refrigerated pizza prep table

3. Universal Coolers SC-72-PPT Review

Universal Coolers provides a large pizza prep table that boasts two large cabinets and a half cabinet to store all of your cookware. The unit is self-contained, and there's also a 20" marble top.

The Universal Cooler features:

  • A large working area of 72" x 34" x 42"
  • Storage to stack up to 18 pans
  • Galvanized back to stop rusting
  • 1/3 HP compressor motor
  • A rail that holds three full-size pans

The SC-72-PPT provides a convenient design and large storage capabilities perfect for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

Click here to learn more about the Universal Coolers SC-72-PPT

4. Beverage Air DP46 Review

Beverage Air offers a small, compact unit that is perfect for small cafes or eateries where pizza isn't the top-selling item on the menu. The DP46 is small, but it's efficient and has more than enough space for its size.

This model features:

  • 46-inch table width
  • 43-3/8" height
  • Space to place ingredient pans
  • Single cabinet

The cabinet provides ample storage space for ingredients, such as cheese or pepperoni. Corrosion-resistant epoxy is used for added protection, and the back and bottom of the unit are galvanized.

Snap-in door gaskets and the refrigerator's ability to keep foods between 36В° - 38В°F make this one of the best compact pizza prep tables on the market.

Click here to learn more about the Beverage Air DP46

5. Universal Coolers SC-72-DRT Review

Universal Coolers offers the final prep table on our list and comes with a dough retarder for added functionality. The tabletop is made with a 32" marble and is a self-contained unit.

This model features:

  • A large working area of 72" x 32" x 46"
  • 32" marble top
  • 1/3 HP compressor motor
  • Holds 4, 1/6 pans
  • Interior cabinet doors boast a stainless-steel design

Universal Coolers provides interior door lights for added visibility, and the table weighs just around 400 pounds.

Click here to learn more about the Universal Coolers SC-72-DRT

We have numerous pizza prep tables to choose from in our inventory to fit kitchens of all sizes. Our prep tables come from the industry's leading manufacturers, so you can be confident your table is built to last.

Please contact us if you want to know more about any of the tables listed in the pizza prep table reviews above.

We also offer low financing options through our partners to help you pay for your pizza preparation table.