Amid nationwide coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, businesses need to take action regarding safety protocols and enhanced hygiene and sanitation. We cannot anticipate how long the pandemic will last or how many people will be affected, but we do know that it is important to take all precautions.

As restaurants and cafés switch to take-out, it’s crucial that establishments run smoothly while also maintaining safe distances between customers and employees.

We, at McDonaldPaper, are offering a new item that can help you keep your workers and customers safe whether you’re a restaurant, gas station, or other essential business. Introducing our new Plexiglass Cashier Protection Guard.

cashier protection guard

Adding portable plexiglass sneeze guards at check-out stands provides a safety buffer between cashiers and customers, helping to prevent the spread of viral diseases. Such partition elements work great in retail and coffee shops, but also as front desk employee protection guards for banks, hotels, and other customer-facing businesses. We’re even using them ourselves to keep our employees and customers as protected as possible as we continue to meet the needs of restaurants and retail businesses across the country.

We have 2 options available - standard and corner protection guard.

PROGUARD1 30x28x9-Inch Plexiglass Cashier Protection Guard

And PROGUARD2 36x24-Inch Plexiglass Cashier Corner Protection Guard

hospitality employee guard