Restaurant Design

restaurant patio

As we move closer to the post-pandemic era, restaurants need to consider how they will prepare their outdoor patio areas for use. Customers still need time to develop trust and confidence in restaurant dining. Taking steps to help customers feel safe is important.

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restaurant branding

Small restaurants have many advantages over big chains, but the primary advantage is having the freedom to form their own identities. Everything from the menu to the interior design is unique. But for a small restaurant to succeed, it needs strong, consistent branding.

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Restaurant policies are evolving and changing as a result of COVID-19. Every state has its own requirements that restaurants must adhere to, and social distancing is often being handled by strict controls on occupancy.

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restaurant signs

First impressions matter and your restaurant's first impression usually happens outside of the door. Restaurant signs allow you to make a first impression that can either lure a potential customer in your door or result in a customer walking by and going to another establishment.

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unique restaurant concept

Winning concept is vital for starting a new restaurant or promoting remodeling of an old one. There are millions of food serving establishments in the United States, and your restaurant or bar concept may already exist somewhere.

New concepts are hard to formulate, but it’s possible with the right approach.

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kitchen stations

An efficient restaurant kitchen is like a well-choreographed dance – everything flows smoothly and beautifully together. But just like with a professional dance performance, this level of efficiency doesn’t just happen on its own. Restaurant operators must take the time to plan and optimize their kitchen stations to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

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modern restaurant furniture

When designing your restaurant, one of the most important things you need to consider is your furniture. The right furniture will tie your theme together and improve the flow of your restaurant. The wrong furniture can make your establishment feel cold and unwelcoming.

Restaurant furniture comes in a huge variety of styles, materials and price ranges. There are several factors to consider when buying tables and chairs for your establishment.

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Restaurant owners are many things, but most are not architects. The owner will have an idea in mind for their restaurant layout and design, but while the design may look nice, it may be an architectural disaster.

Simple mistakes in a restaurant’s floor planning can lead to less efficiency and more overhead for the owner.

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Restaurant renovations can be profitable, increasing sales between 7% and 20% when done right. A restaurant remodel can cost between $100,000 and $1 million, on average, but this is a major overhaul.

When restaurant remodel costs are this high, you have to worry about keeping the establishment closed for a long period of time. The larger the renovation, the more money that’s lost due to the restaurant being closed.

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Choosing the Restaurant Location

Restaurant locations should be picked strategically. If you have a restaurant that doesn’t have enough “traffic,” you’ll have to work harder to promote it and may ultimately fail. Assuring that your restaurant location is a good location can be difficult.

There are also times when what appears to be a good location on a bustling city street simply is not.

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