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how much to open a bar

You may have experience running a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to run a bar successfully. Even if you know how much to open a bar and have a strong team behind you and a strong marketing funnel, you can still fail. 

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franchise restaurants

Franchise restaurants have an established name, national advertising and an operational blueprint that helps reduce your risk of failure. If you want to open your own business, choosing the cheapest franchise to open is something to strongly consider.

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deli display ideas

And while it’s easy to learn how to open a deli, it’s still a lot of work to run one. For every successful deli, you’ll find plenty that go out of business. You must provide customers with the food they want, great prices and offers that keep them coming back for more. The question is: how?

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steps to open a restaurant

You’ve already, at least once, taken the steps to open a restaurant. But when you go to establish a second (or third) restaurant, it will require a few additional tasks that you didn’t have to complete the first time around.

We’re going to outline each of the five steps that you must take to open a new location.

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opening a restaurant checklist

Do you have a closing and opening restaurant checklist? We’re not talking about incorporating or dissolving your eatery. Instead, we’re discussing your opening and closing procedures.

Every business owner should have processes for their operation that allow them – or anyone else – to open and close the business properly.

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what is a host kitchen

Are you a restaurant host kitchen yet? If not and you want to learn how to get extra cash for a restaurant, this is the perfect article for you. Of course, revenue is just one part of the equation, but another part of the equation is that restaurants often have too much kitchen space. Restaurant kitchen space that goes unused is simply leaving money on the table. However, one way to start making use of this space is to become a host kitchen.В 

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restaurant operating expenses

COVID-19 impacted the restaurant industry more than any other, and a lot of the cost management during the pandemic is here to stay. While owners often start their restaurant out of love for providing delicious food to their customers, successful business habits are necessary to keep the doors open. Rising restaurant expenses and labor costs are here to stay, at least in the short-term.

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hot dog cart business

Have you ever walked down the streets of New York City and came upon a hot dog stand business? Vendors line major streets, the smell of fresh hot dogs, ketchup and sauerkraut fill the air with a divine aroma that makes your mouth water. If you've always wanted to know how to start a hot dog cart business, this guide can help.

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eco friendly restaurant

Restaurant waste is massive in the United States, with 80 billion pounds of food being thrown away annually. Sustainability should start with wasting less food, but it should also include making your entire restaurant as eco-friendly as possible. It's possible to build a sustainable supply of products that helps your restaurant waste less and is better for the environment.

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table decorations

Table decor is crucial for restaurants wishing to attract and retain customers. Creative and unique centerpieces and table settings can inspire a conversation and desire to come back. Below we will explore festive table setting ideas for restaurants and bars.

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