McDonaldPaper Restaurant Supplies hosts a free lecture from a professional chef.

Tomica Saul - former catering company owner and founder of TomCookery Hospitality Management will share tips on how to create (or improve) a revenue-rich catering and events program.

This class is perfect for restaurants, bakeries, catering companies, and private chefs who want to build better both on- and off-site catering and events operations.

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to design a catering menu that is focused, cost-effective and easy to execute
  • How to streamline your catering operations
  • Key clauses in catering contracts
  • How to build a core catering team
  • The ideal flow for dealing with client inquiries
  • Common catering customer service problems and how to address them
  • What your clients need to see to keep coming back. Hint: It’s more than good food!

Tomica Saul Bio

Tomica Saul is an attorney turned chef and former owner of a catering company, TomCookery Fine Catering & Events. She has built a career within the food and beverage hospitality industry helping other business owners run better businesses and make more money in the process. She is the owner of TomCookery Hospitality Management, a B2B company providing catering and events support to restaurants, bakeries, and other catering companies.

Class Outline

40 Minutes and 20 Minutes of Q&A

Operations (5 Minutes)

  • Questions to ask yourself before you get started:

    - Do you have the bandwidth?
    - Do you have the physical space?
    - Do you have the team?

Menus (5 Minutes)

  • Is your menu unique?
  • Pricing - Did you do food costing?
  • Does it make sense to your clients?
  • Key Components: Pricing, Clear Guest Counts, Contained

Paperwork (10 Minutes)

  • To software or not to software?
  • Proposals that Pop
  • Key clauses in catering contracts
  • Transparent Invoicing
  • A word on responsiveness

Team Building (5 minutes)

  • Who are the key folk you should have on your team
  • Keeping everyone organized

Intangibles (10 minutes)

  • How to keep your clients coming back

    - Professionalism
    - Responsiveness
    - Great Food
    - Punctuality
    - Consistency
    - Customer Service

Worse Case Scenarios (And how to overcome them) - (5 Minutes)

  • Dissatisfied clients
  • Mistakes (they happen)
  • Staff Callouts