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  1. Ateco 660, 4-Piece Cannoli Form Set
    SKU: 660
  2. Ateco 800, Plain Decorating Tip
    SKU: 800
  3. Ateco 820, Open Star Decorating Tip
    SKU: 820
  4. Ateco 2012, Dahlia Cutter
    SKU: 2012
  5. Ateco 6949, Alphabet Cutter Set
    SKU: 6949
  6. Ateco 4202, 8-Piece Crimper Tool Set
    SKU: 4202
  7. Ateco 7025, 10-Piece Animal Cutter Set
    SKU: 7025
  8. Ateco 700, Cake Decorating Syringe
    SKU: 700
  9. Ateco 1319, Pastry Scraper
    SKU: 1319
  10. Ateco 5151, 6 Linked Hexagon Cutters
    SKU: 5151
  11. Ateco 1446, Aluminum Decorating Comb
    SKU: 1446
  12. Ateco 4843, Snowflake Cutters, Set of 5
    SKU: 4843
Ateco is a well-known and trusted brand of cake decorating and baking tools. Founded by August Thomsen, more than 100 hundred years ago, the company is the fourth generation family owned business. Manufacturing over 200 different styles, types and sizes of pastry tips, the company offers all kinds of specialty tools needed for baking and decoration including spatulas, dough cutters, baking cups, pastry tubes, sculpture sets and more. All Ateco products are manufactured in modern well-equipped hi-tech facilities in Glen Cove, New York as well as other seven countries around the world. Designed for both commercial and home bakers, Ateco high-quality bakeware allows to create, decorate and design cakes and pastries with smooth and elegant finishes. The company strives to constantly evaluate and develop their product line, introducing new items and improving the existing ones. Over the last decade, the company has significantly improved the quality of their products and took a leading position on the market. Nowadays, all Ateco decorating tubes are made of high-quality stainless steel, sculpturing tools are adjusted with reinforced steel wire to make them more rigid and clear disposable bags are more flexible and easier to squeeze. Whether you are a self-taught confectioner or a professional decorator, use Ateco to create an elaborate display of elegant icing flowers, twisting fondant ornaments or garlands almost effortlessly. Impress your guests and loved-ones with flawless cupcakes, tarts or pies! Check a wide selection of Ateco products presented on our website and find a perfect match!