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Green Wave International

Green Wave International is a reliable eco-friendly disposable supplies manufacturer. Company's goal is to provide 100% sustainable tableware solutions that would best suit modern business needs. Green Wave believes a GREENER planet is a HEALTHIER planet, which is why they designed premium compostable tableware products from the left-over materials of corn, sugarcane and/or wheat harvests. Nothing goes to waste.

Green Wave — designs environmentally friendly tableware products for your business needs because the green movement is now. Going green starts and ends with each of us individually as well as collectively.

Green Wave Products are FDA approved and meet BPI and/or ASTM D6400 (standard specification for compostable plastics) and D6868 (specification for biodegradable plastics used as coatings on paper and other compostable substrates) standards. All tableware products are designed to be composted in a commercial composting facility, and the dome lids are 100% recylable.