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Cake Boards For Easy Decoration and Transportation 

Cake serving and transportation must be safe. And you probably noticed that cake boards are used for these purposes. Usually, these are round coasters, but their size, shape, and color may vary. Therefore, you can always choose the base that fits perfectly with the style of your cake. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a wholesale supplier to many bakeries, and we have dozens of options in our stock.  Let's find out more about the cake pad and our range.

Popular Types of a Cake Board Base

The base can be made from a variety of materials, so let's take a look at three of the most popular:

  1. Cardboard boards come in various shapes and sizes, each about 3mm thick.  You can use them for support under each tier of the cake. They can also be used as display cases, but only for smaller cakes. Such bases are useful when decorating and moving cakes, so you'll need one under each cake tier. Your cake base is always the same size as your cake, so when you make ganache or cream cake, you freeze them as if they were part of the cake.
  2. Cake drums are made of thick corrugated cardboard or polystyrene foam. Usually, the drums are 6-10 mm thick but can be thicker.  They are great for decorating cake bases but are more expensive than masonite cake bases and are, therefore, not used as often as MDF boards. But we own the best one by the SafePro manufacturer. 
  3. Plastic separator plates. These bases are as similar as possible to the first type, but they have small legs, which visually make the cake taller. You can use such a pad at banquets and in showcases in pastry shops.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Is Ready for Sale

We are ready to help you at any time convenient for you. Our showroom is located in Brooklyn, where you can personally evaluate the quality of our products.  If you are not near this city, use our website. We deliver disposable items in bulk to NY, NJ, PA, and other US states.