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Why Are Clear Plastic Bowls the Best Choice?

When it comes to serving, many people prefer clear plastic bowls because they are convenient and easy to use. This is why clear plastic containers are the best choice. There are many benefits to using clear plastic soup bowls. These bowls are ideal for commercial use and home use. They can be used for different meals, including salad and soup. You can heat the food in most of these bowls in the microwave, so reheating food is easy and hassle-free. Due to their practicality, entrepreneurs prefer to sell food directly in clear plastic containers. Manufacturers simply stick a sticker on the lids, and the product speaks for itself. Let’s learn more about clear plastic serving bowls and their material. This information can help to make the right choice and explain for what criteria you should select such bowls.

From What Criteria Should You Choose Clear Plastic Bowls?

Lids Style/Combo

Dome, Flat/With or Without.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), Plastic.


0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50. 


Round, Square.

How Can Clear Plastic Serving Bowls Be Helpful at the Party?

These disposable clear plastic bowls with lids are one of our most functional and cost-effective products. You can use them for anything, like a deep bowl for soup or salad. They are also great for desserts, pastries, and other confectionery. 

  • Made from recycled PET clear plastic.
  • Better oxygen barrier than OPS and keeps food fresh longer
  • Can come in different sizes and shapes. 

Benefits of Using PET for Clear Salad Bowls

  • It is one of the few plastics that can be crystal clear with a true shining effect, giving it the same luxurious charm as glass.
  • It is very light, typically less than 10% of the weight of a similar (untreated) glass bowl. This weight reduction directly translates into significantly lower shipping costs 
  • It is virtually impact-resistant, making it the preferred choice for any niche. Users can buy them for their homes, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, offices, etc.
  • PET is 100% recyclable, up to a complete cradle-to-cradle cycle. So, clear plastic bowls are completely safe for the environment. 
  • Today, more and more PET packaging waste is collected and recycled into pellets called rPET (Recycled PET) that can be reused to create the perfect packaging.
  • Among the standard plastics, PET is one of the best materials in terms of barrier properties and chemical resistance.

How To Find The Best Clear Plastic Bowls?

When studying the market, it is worth paying attention to both the product quality and the additional services you can receive as a client, such as delivery. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a trusted supplier based in Brooklyn. So, if you want to visit it and choose the bowls by yourself, look at the address on the official website. But also, it is willing to do US shipping, especially for the following states: NY, NJ, and PA. In addition, you can visit the official website any time and view the products available, including clear plastic bowls.