Cream Whippers and Accessories

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Cream Whippers and Accessories

Cream Whippers and Accessories by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper offers professional cream whippers for the preparation of fresh whipped cream on the spot so that even small food serving establishments or low-volume businesses can serve the best-tasting whipped cream any time of day. These whippers meet all international quality standards. We provide a variety of models in different colors and sizes, made of stainless steel.

Whether it is fancy desserts at a dinner party, topping in an ice cream shop, or sweet decoration in a cafe with these whipped cream makers you can provide your customers with sweet, fluffy goodness without any hassle.

Suitable for any type and size of food service establishment, from full-scale restaurant to small bakery, our whippers always come in handy.

McDonald Paper has been a food prep equipment wholesaler for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

To personally assess the quality and variety of professional cream whippers visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items.