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Cup Carriers

Cup Carriers

Take-Out Beverage Carriers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Cup carriers are an ideal addition to the arsenal of any food-service establishment that offers beverages for takeout. They are produced from cardboard, molded pulp or other compostable materials, and this makes them a great choice for eco-concerned companies.

Make sure that at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies you can find huge variety of qualitative disposable products by affordable prices:

  • Cardboard Cup Carriers
  • 4 Cup Carriers
  • 12-Oz Cup Carries
  • Eco-Friendly Cup Carriers
  • McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supply Co represents only trusted manufacturers, so you shouldn't worry about selecting coffee cup holders, Pactiv degradable cup carriers are the best choice for your business.

    Featuring an exceptionally light construction, any coffee to go carrier is yet strong enough to hold a few cups with cold or hot beverages, ensuring perfect thermo-insulation for superior safety and convenience in use. Some paper cup carriers also allow to transport larger containers with soup or stew – your guests are sure to like it.

    Browse our assortment of Paper Cups & Lids or Plastic Cups & Lids on McDonald Paper`s website to choose the option that suits your requirements best of all!