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Cellophane Wrap

Plastic Film and Other Types of a Wrap at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Every day people face cellophane wrap. You can see it in stores, cafes, restaurants, and in your kitchen. It provides safe storage of products.  Thus, the dish remains fresh longer, and dust and other debris do not get on it. The peculiarity of such packaging is that it can be used not only in the food chain but also has several other options, for example, to protect furniture, tables, and floors during repairs using cling film. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has a variety of options for you. You need to tell the consultant for what purpose you need a stretch wrap, and they will tell you which one is better to buy.

Stretch Film and its Material 

  • What do you know about PVC? It is from this material the wraps are most often made. PVC film is known for its softening ability, making it more flexible and thermoformable. Other characteristics include high transparency, good dimensional stability, and ease of die-cutting. 
  • Cellophane is another film material. It is a thin transparent, glossy film made from regenerated cellulose. It is made from ground wood pulp treated with caustic soda. Such overwrap has low gas permeability, good resistance to oil, grease, and water, and is suitable for professional food packaging. Cellophane is fully recyclable and biodegradable in home composting environments, typically breaking down in just a few weeks. 
  • Plastic food wrappers are also known as saran film. Due to the high density of the wrapping plastic roll, products are usually vacuumed to help extend their shelf life. But you can also use it as a plastic wrap to cover food. 

What Can You Get in Bulk? 

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has been in the wholesale business for 28 years. Therefore, for every product you see in our showroom, go on the website, and you can order in any volume. We have transparent prices that are visible under each position. You can visit our showroom in Brooklyn to place an order, or do not waste your time and place everything online. The cost of offline and online products is no different. Also, our company delivers to NY, NJ, PA, and other US states.