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Food Wrapping Paper

Food Wrapping Paper: Why Do You Need to Buy It at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Food wrapping paper is an indispensable attribute if you like to cook or have a business where cooking is the main activity. Price is not always an indicator of quality, but an excellent reputation should be reckoned with. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has been supplying disposables to thousands of satisfied customers for 28 years. We have a showroom in Brooklyn, but we are also ready to deliver your fast food wrapper to any state – NY, NJ, PA, etc.

Main Features of Food Wrapping Paper

Commercial wrapping paper is different from regular paper. Let's look at its main advantages and characteristics:

  • The paper products are made from special cellulose purified using a special technology.
  • Such papers have grease resistance and are not afraid of moisture and high temperatures during cooking, which explains their wide range of applications.
  • The paper is dense, viscous, and translucent.
  • Such material has excellent breathability.

Modern commercial production makes disposable wrapping paper in any color and size.  You can even print your logo or brand name on the sheets.

How Can You Use Our Bulk Wrapping Paper

Such packaging helps to preserve the natural taste and smell of the food. Products in it do not dry out, do not become stale, and are not saturated with foreign odors, for example, in the refrigerator. Unlike film and plastic bags, wrapping paper allows products to “breathe” and keep fresh longer. Since paper is not afraid of fat, fatty meat, fish, and other products can be packed in without fear of staining other products. It allows you to bake and cook food, keeping it juicy without using oil and other fat. Your meal does not lose its nutritional value, vitamins, and taste. So, we can offer you:

  • Kraft food wraps;
  • Wet wax paper sheets;
  • Food wrapping liners;
  • Interfolded deli wraps;
  • Dry waxed food liners;
  • Printed paper sheets.

We are a reliable supplier from whom you can buy all the above. After all, we have been specializing in disposable products for 28 years, and we have everything you need for your home or your business.