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Elegant Plastic Plates for Any Occasion 

Fancy disposable plates were originally designed for weddings or different parties, which are required for some fashionable dishes. However, as outdoor wedding ceremonies become increasingly popular, it would be logical to use premium plastic plates. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has proven to be the best choice with its huge selection of elegant ware.

Use Elegant Disposable Plates on the Wedding

  • When you consider all the dishes needed at the wedding, you can not help but pay attention to the price. Dinnerware rentals will cost you cheaper. 
  • You do not need to worry about cleaning if you're hosting a wedding reception in a restaurant with ceramic dishes. But what if you organize your wedding without professional help and need to clean everything by yourself? Then cleaning may be on your mind – it can certainly be overwhelming.
  • Fancy plastic plates will help you eliminate these worries once and for all. Then, it remains only to collect and throw them away. When that's done, you can forget about the cleaning and return to what's important: enjoying your special occasion.
  • An interesting advantage of the bulk elegant disposable plates is that they come in every shape, color, and design you can imagine.
  • During a cocktail party, when your guests are having fun, they don't want to run around the hall with heavy plates or glasses. Therefore, it is much more practical when lighter dishes are used for the buffet.

Where to Find a Huge Assortment of Premium Plastic Plates? 

If you have ever noticed decorative disposables in a regular supermarket, you can find tableware for an ordinary dinner, but not for some parties. Find a specialized showroom like McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies that does wholesale. We can deliver your order to throughout the US, including NY, NJ, and PA states, or you can pick up the fancy plates in our showroom in Brooklyn.