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Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Which Walk-In Coolers Fit Your Business?

Any food service establishment needs reliable walk-in refrigeration equipment. Restaurants, cafeterias, catering firms, and other large commercial kitchens require this type of equipment. Their main aim is to retain perishable foods at cooking, cooling, reheating, or serving temperatures.

The large, well-equipped shelves of walk-in refrigerator units are one of its most distinctive characteristics. The design's primary goals are storage space optimization, organization, and ease of access. In a hectic kitchen, employees can find what they need faster thanks to these units since they are easy to navigate within.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies understands the restaurant industry's many needs. We offer a variety of walk-in fridge/freezer configurations that maximize kitchen space and provide reliable refrigeration, cooling, and freezing. Both practical and efficient, our walk-in cooler freezer combos are a great choice for any eatery.

Walk-in coolers are vital for any foodservice businesses. Why is a walk-in cooler more than just a huge fridge?

  1. Space for more stock: Imagine having a huge room just for keeping your products fresh. Walk-in coolers are like a massive closet for your food, where you can store lots of items and save money by buying more at once.
  2. Keep things tidy: With these coolers, you can organize everything on shelves, making it easy to find what you need and keep track of your stock. This means less food thrown away and more money saved.
  3. Always the right temperature: They're designed to keep a constant chill, which is super important for making sure food doesn't go bad.
  4. Saves energy and cash: These coolers are like a thermos; they keep the cold inside really well, which means they don't use as much electricity. This is great for the planet and your energy bills.
  5. Built to last: They're tough and can handle being used a lot. Thus, you won't need to replace it frequently, saving you money.
  6. Keeps food safe: By keeping food cold, walk-in coolers help prevent germs that can make people sick. You want to make sure your customers always leave happy and healthy?

Having a walk-in cooler in your business is a powerful tool for freshness, savings, and happy customers. It's a smart move that will help you keep your products in top shape and make your business run smoother.

We sell more than just refrigeration units. We also sell a wide range of refrigeration tools that can help your commercial walk-in cooler work better. Different shelf options, door locks, and panels that can be changed are all made to help you organize and use your space better. We have the proper tools and extras to meet your needs, whether you need extra shelves to make things more organized or specific storage boxes.

Because we care about your business and want your things to look great, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is here to meet all of your cooling needs.

Important Details About Walk-In Coolers

Since restaurant walk-in coolers and freezers may be modified, they can match any business's demands. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies knows refrigerators come in different sizes. In order to make sure that each of our walk-in coolers and freezers fits your needs and the limitations of your room and operations, we offer a variety of adjustable choices. Our adjustable features, like size, cooling system, and flooring choices, are made to give you the best functionality and economy.

Custom Size Options. We offer the ability to request a custom size walk-in cooler or freezer, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific space and storage needs.

Refrigeration Options:

  • With Refrigeration: Choose models equipped with advanced refrigeration systems, ideal for maintaining specific temperature requirements.
  • Without Refrigeration: Opt for units without built-in refrigeration, suitable for use with external cooling systems or for non-perishable storage.

Flooring Choices:

  • Walk-in cooler with floor: Select walk-in units that include insulated flooring, providing additional temperature control and structural integrity.
  • Without Floor: For spaces that require integration with existing flooring, choose models without a built-in floor for seamless installation.

About Refrigerated Warehouse Building

Various commercial and industrial demands may be met by our commercial walk-in cooler and freezing solutions, which include both services and units. The services we offer are:

Custom-Built Large Refrigerated and Freezing Warehouses

When it comes to large-scale refrigeration and freezing facilities, McDonald Paper takes great satisfaction in its ability to provide custom walk-in coolers and turnkey solutions. Installing insulated sandwich concrete flooring in our cold warehouses allows us to withstand huge loads, demonstrating our understanding of the necessity of durability in these areas. One of our novel approaches is the use of control units incorporated into automated movable shelf systems to optimize storage efficiency. We counteract the usual 40-60% cold loss via floors by reusing the heat produced by the condensation of refrigerant in the condenser unit to heat the floors, demonstrating our commitment to energy economy in design. To make sure the cold remains where it needs to be, our professional installation crew is adept at finding and fixing any cold bridges. In order to help you save money on energy bills and increase your profit margins, we carefully choose and place the equipment, considering even the tiniest factors like geolocation and directional orientation.

Versatile Basement Remodeling Services

We provide customized basement renovation services to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients, making our services very versatile. Our crew will make the most of the space you already have by converting your basement into a USDA room, prep room, freezer, or refrigerator-all while keeping the basement's original volume intact.

All-Inclusive Standard Freezer and Refrigerated Chambers

Our inventory features a variety of conventional freezer and refrigerated chambers that may be installed as a complete solution. For the sake of our customers' clarity and convenience, we have kept the installation simple and based on the chamber sizes to reduce the final walk-in cooler price. If you need assistance choosing equipment, we can help too. On top of that, we cover the four states of the US with our all-inclusive package that includes sales, analysis, measurements, suggestions, and installation. You may rest easy knowing that this comprehensive service is backed by a labor and equipment guarantee of 1-2 years, giving you peace of mind and dependability.

Custom Fabrication from Standard Panels

Chambers made to order from standard panels may be customized to meet your exact specifications, allowing us to provide a one-of-a-kind solution. To guarantee that the finished product is tailor-made for your requirements, our staff can provide on-site measurements and suggestions in the four different states of the USA. You have more leeway in selecting the length, height, and breadth of our bespoke chambers since they are bigger than the usual alternatives. Three machines are required to be available at your warehouse: two sawing machines, one milling machine, and sentinel materials.

Advanced Control and Monitoring Systems

As part of our dedication to providing cutting-edge refrigeration solutions, we install a standard control and monitoring system in every one of our freezing and refrigerated chambers. With capabilities like remote access, alert notification service, and parameter adjustment, this system improves the efficiency and safety of your operations.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is able to provide an efficient, high-quality customized walk-in cooler to restaurants, cafeterias, catering firms, and other commercial clients. Our comprehensive services and inventive approach ensure that your refrigeration demands are met efficiently and reliably.