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  1. Dart 8J8, 8Oz White Foam Cup, 1000/Cs
    SKU: 8J8
  2. Dart 20J16, 20 Oz White Foam Cup, 500/Cs
    SKU: 20J16
  3. Dart 24J24, 24 Oz White Foam Cup, 500/Cs
    SKU: 24J24
  4. Dart 32RL White Vented Foam Lid, 500/CS
    SKU: 32RL
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Foam Cups & Lids

Styrofoam Cups & Lids - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Whether you are a caterer, a take-out service provider, or the owner of a coffee shop, drink foam cups and lids plays an important role in your foodservice business. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supply Co offers grand variety of inexpensive disposable cups for any hot or cold beverages. Styrofoam drinkware are better choice for hot drinks than plastic cups and holds their shape better than paper cups.

Our selections of disposable products include a wide range of items which will exceed your service needs:

  • Foam Cups with Dome Lids
  • Printed Foam Cups
  • Greek Key Design Foam Cups
  • Straw Clotted Cup Lids
  • Sip Through Plastic Cup Lids
  • If you are wondering where to buy high-quality Dart foam cups & lids, be sure to check out McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website.

    With strong and leak-proof construction, your customers can enjoy their beverages at the right temperature longer. Our foam drinking cups are convenient to handle and easily gripped, making them ideal for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, soft drinks, and more. Placing them next to your Coffee & Tea Machines provides ease and convenience without the hassle of carrying and pouring. Due to their cost-efficiency, these foam cups are perfect for coffee shops and small businesses. And, with so many size options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect foam cups and lids for you business.

    Learn more about McDonald Paper economical, disposable drinkware such as Plastic Cups & Lids or Paper Cups & Lids, and get them from the world’s leading brands.