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Microwavable Containers

Order Safe Microwave Containers with Lids at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a modern supplier of various types of disposable tableware. Since more and more people are ordering takeaway food, there is a need to ask for special disposable containers. But what if the food is cold and there is nothing to warm it up? Microwave-safe containers will come to the rescue, which will not spoil the dish's taste and will not explode in the microwave. On such containers, there is a special microwaveable sign by which you can determine whether it is safe for heating. 

Why Is It Dangerous to Use Non-Microwavable Containers?

At room temperature, the plastic will remain stable, but when heated, various chemical processes contribute to releasing harmful substances. Therefore, if it is not suitable to warm up the meal, the client will have to look for ceramic dishes, which are only sometimes at hand, especially in the office. Also, thick plastic and polystyrene foam products should not be heated. Thin material will melt in the microwave, stick to its bottom, and it will be very difficult to remove it. Expanded polystyrene well withstands exposure to elevated temperatures; however, with electromagnetic radiation, it can release toxic substances. So, if there are no disposable microwavable containers, you can only use them for storage takeout lunches. 

Do We Have Microwave Containers with Lids?

All of our microwavable food containers come with lids. They fit snugly into the containers themselves, ensuring the dish's safety. Even liquid meals are 100% safe. However, when heating food in the microwave, it is best to remove the lid. It will provide faster heating. In our assortment, you will find:

  • Black and white microwavable containers;

  • 2 Compartment to-go Containers.

You can also arrange delivery within the United States, including the NY, NJ, PA, etc., states.

Or choose everything you need for safe food packaging in our showroom in Brooklyn.