PacknWood 210CVB3, 6.2-inch Wooden Spoon, 2000/CS

PacknWood 210CVB3, 6.2-inch Wooden Spoon, 2000/CS

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PacknWood 210CVB3, 6.2-inch Wooden Spoon, 2000/CS FEATURES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • 2-in. disposable wooden spoon
  • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic cutlery
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Unique shape and design will help set your business apart
  • Smooth finish resists splintering
  • Great for farm-to-table restaurants, ice cream parlors, and other eco-conscious eateries

Show customers that you care about the environment and their health by switching to the all-natural PacknWood 210CVB3, 6.2-inch Wooden Spoons. These non-toxic, plastic-free spoons are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Each case contains 2,000 spoons. Use these spoons to set the table in your restaurant or to accompany take-out orders.

Samples are available upon request, please contact our customer service.

More Information
ID 21711
Length (Inch) 23
Width (Inch) 19
Height (Inch) 12
Manufacturer PacknWood
Units of measure CS
Discontinued No
Weight (Lbs) 13.730000
UPC 784321304572
Type Filter Spoon
Material Wood
Color Natural


Convenient yet eco-friendly, the PacknWood wooden spoons are disposable and biodegradable. They'll decompose under normal environmental conditions instead of sitting in a landfill indefinitely like their plastic alternative.

Natural Wood

The spoons are made from all-natural, non-toxic wood and have a light finish. They offer the durability you're looking for in a disposable utensil but in an eco-friendly package. Plus, their smooth surface resists splintering to ensure a comfortable dining experience.


Use these smooth wooden spoons to serve your guests Italian ice, ice cream, soup, stew, dessert, rice dishes, and more. They look great sitting on a table in your restaurant or inside a take-out bag.

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Reviews on PacknWood 210CVB3, 6.2-inch Wooden Spoon, 2000/CS
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  1. 5 stars!
    Andrew Walker
    Wood may not be the best material for disposable spoons - at least, in my opinion - but as far as I can see, customers dig it. And that's what truly counts in the long run, so huge thanks for the offer!
  2. 5 stars!
    Valentina Gutierrez
    Thanks for the great, eco-friendly offer and quick delivery. These spoons are way nicer to use than any other disposable utensils I've tried so far. Sure, I wish they could be more affordable. But, on the other hand, you cannot put a price tag on customers' loyalty. And, such minor details as green materials on disposable utensils eventually contribute to high customer return. So, worth the cost!
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