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The Best Paper Plates from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

No matter what anyone says, disposable plates will always come in handy. If you are organizing an outdoor event, it will be better to use them. But they may be designed for more than just that. You can use them even at home in everyday life because it is so convenient.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers the best paper and bio plates to its customers. In a huge assortment, you will find something suitable for you. You can choose regular plates if you are going out on a picnic. If you're hosting an event, we have stylish plates to match. Such plates will be a convenient decoration for any table.

Why Choose Our Products?

There are several reasons why people always come back to us for paper plates. Here are some of the most important ones that we are proud of:

  1. High quality. We only sell disposable paper plates from the best manufacturers. We always check the goods before selling and only, in this case, it will fall into the hands of the buyer. You can also be sure of the quality when you try the plates in action. 
  2. Big variety. You can find plates for various dishes and portion sizes. There are both small plates for catering and large dinner paper plates. In addition, there are many different shapes, so you are sure to find something for yourself.
  3. Various materials. We don't just sell paper products. You can find plates made from bamboo, cardboard, sugarcane, and wood. All of them are of high quality, which will allow you to rely not only on appearance.
  4. Availability. We have a fairly large stock of products. Here you can safely order paper plates in bulk in the desired design. If you need to choose wholesale paper plates, you can easily do it with us.

Convenient and Fast Delivery of Disposable Paper Plates

If you want to purchase paper plates in bulk, then take a look at our showroom. It's in a popular New York area, so it's easy to find. You will be able to review each disposable paper plate and choose the right one for you. And yes, we have not only plates, but also other disposable tableware and kitchen appliances. We are sure that you can find something useful for your kitchen.

For those who need wholesale paper plates, we can ship anywhere in the USA, including NY, NJ, and PA. If you purchase items over $99, your shipping will be free in the New York Metro Area. If necessary, we will deliver everything as quickly as possible. If you need products at a specific time and place, we can also provide the option of timely delivery to you.