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Plastic Containers & Lids

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Plastic Containers & Lids

Catering Plastic Containers & Lids - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Even if you`re the owner of a fast food cafe or take out joint, your customers need quick service of packing, storing or transporting plenty of junk food. Easily stackable and close nesting, plastic to go containers help to optimize merchandising and reduce storage space. Equal number of plastic containers and lids are packed together to eliminate stock-out and simplify operation of your foodservice establishment.

McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies is an all-inclusive, disposable items provider, offers a multitude of products in the plastic deli containers category:

  • Plastic Containers With Flat Lids
  • Hinged Plastic Containers
  • Clear Fruit Containers
  • Black Salad Bowls
  • Rectangular Sandwich Containers
  • Plastic Containers Inserts
  • 3-Compartment Food Containers
  • We provide thousands of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, and catering companies with quality products of such brands as Placon, Pactiv, Inline and much more.

    For take-out meals and packaging leftovers, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supply Co has a wide selection of boxes, portion cups and bowls with lids, as well as food containers with a hinged lids in high quality plastic. Plastic containers with flat lids keep food fresh longer and prohibit its drying out, while the tightly closing lid reduces leaks and messy crumbs during transport and storage. You can choose between 3-compartment food container or portion food container to provide an appealing presentation of foods. Thanks to strong ribbed walls, disposable container and lid combo can easily withstand multi-stacking.

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