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Plastic Dinner Plates: Their Material & Other Criteria

With the development of different life spheres, people are increasingly using products from different materials in their lives. Therefore, using plastic dinner plates can bring more convenience and health to people's lives. It can also add more aesthetic effects, especially using disposable fast food boxes that predominantly use imported food-safe polystyrene materials. So they will not affect people's health. In addition, the plastic dinner plates in bulk effectively integrate the concept of environmental protection into the product and do not require cleaning when used. Therefore, many people prefer to buy this type of tableware, and McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can help you with this. But first of all, it is worth knowing about some features of plastic plates.

Disposable Plate: Qualities of Its Material

Disposable plastic plates are often made from different materials, but plastic and polystyrene are the most popular. When plastic is heated, its chemical structure and chemical composition do not undergo any changes, it can become soft and change shape many times. Plastic qualities are:

  • Lightweight and chemical resistant.
  • Easily shaped into different sizes.
  • Good thermal insulation.
  • Rust-resistant
  • Low processing cost.

The main application of polyethylene is packaging. It is often used to make plastic bags, bottles, plastic films, containers, etc. Polystyrene qualities are:

  • Helps to reduce food-borne illnesses.
  • The food stays the same temperature. 
  • More economical.

Criteria for Plastic Dinner Plates

When choosing disposable plastic plates, you should have an idea of what exactly you need to order at wholesale, as this will significantly reduce costs. 

A piece in a pack determines the quantity needed for your restaurant, office, or home. Usually, the packages are:

  • 200-300;
  • 400-500;
  • 800-900.

The shape can be square, round, rectangular, oval, or oblong. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer. For example, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies works with some of the best plastic dinner plates in bulk.

Once you have selected the best plastic dinner plates, the only thing left is to buy and issue US shipping, including NY, NJ, and PA states. However, if you prefer to see the quality in a person, it is worth visiting the showroom in Brooklyn.