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High-quality protective sneeze guards from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Want to make your restaurant cafe or bar better protected against the spread of Covid-19? Check out the range of our protective sneeze guards for restaurants! McDonaldPaper offers a wide selection of high-grade and protective guards that can be used in almost all settings! Make sure that your employees and customers are safe, and your business is an example of a responsible attitude.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers the following types of protective sneeze guards:

  • Free-Standing Protective Guards for Countertops
  • Protective Guard for Cubicles
  • Protective Side Guards
  • Protective Guards for Restroom
  • Protective Sneeze Guards
  • Cashier Protective Guard

The sneeze guards are made of durable, high-quality materials, and are easy-to-install.

What are the sneeze guards?

Sneeze guards are physical barriers made of transparent sheets of acrylic, glass, or plexiglass. Any food service or drinking establishment can use sneeze guards as a right way of reinforcing social distancing in their premises by zoning dining areas according to regulations. Some guards have small openings or pass-through areas to facilitate payments and the exchange of items. These barriers can be useful at preventing people from spreading air contaminants to each other—especially when used in combination with other recommended safety measures.

You can use restaurant sneeze guards to make all areas of your establishment safely partitioned. They are effective at making food preparation safer. If you are running buffet-style setups, consider using salad bar sneeze guards as an additional layer of protection. When placed on counters, the guards will make transactions between guests and employees less risky. Of course, you can put nice acrylic sneeze guards in the restrooms as well.

Where to buy protective sneeze guards for restaurants?

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a trusted partner for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other foodservice. Visit the showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality of different restaurant supplies.  You can choose protective sneeze guards for your restaurant at highly competitive prices! And if you are looking for a comprehensive approach to making your customers and employees better protected from viruses, you can check out our Covid-19 essential supplies.