SafePro 11x20-Inch Microperforated Polyethylene Bread Bag, 1000/CS (Discontinued)

SafePro 11x20-Inch Microperforated Polyethylene Bread Bag, 1000/CS (Discontinued)

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SafePro 11x20-Inch Microperforated Polyethylene Bread Bag, 1000/CS (Discontinued) FEATURES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • Keep wide loaves of bread and rolls fresh and tasty
  • Measure 11 by 20 in.
  • 1,000-count bulk buy
  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Breathable microperforated design
  • Clear for enhanced visibility
  • Great for bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores

Use the SafePro 11x20-Inch Microperforated Polyethylene Bread Bags, 1000/CS to keep wide loaves of bread and roll orders fresh. They feature a microperforated design that breathes and prevents fresh loaves from becoming soggy or stale. Add these clear bags to your restaurant, bakery, or grocery store to effectively merchandise your bread products.

More Information
ID 80680
Length (Inch) 20
Width (Inch) 11
Manufacturer SafePro
Units of measure CS
Discontinued Yes
Weight (Lbs) 12.200000
UPC 791116959411
Type Filter Plastic Bag
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear

Microperforated Polyethylene

The SafePro Microperforated Polyethylene Bread Bags perform better than other bread packaging alternatives. Their polyethylene construction is microperforated so that the bags breathe. This keeps the bread inside fresh and flavorful for longer. Inside these bags, bread won’t become soggy either. It stays fluffy with a crispy crust. The polyethylene material is also 100% food safe and durable.

Clear Design

These clear, unmarked bags effectively merchandise your bread offerings. Customers and employees can clearly see the bags’ contents from all angles. Not only does this encourage impulse buying, but it also makes it easier for your employees to fulfill orders.

Sanitary Barrier

Made with food-safe polyethylene, these plastic bags serve as an effective sanitary barrier for your bread products. They minimize the number of surfaces and hands that touch the bread from the time it leaves your ovens to the time it reaches the customers’ hands.

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  1. Mary Conner
    It's perfect for a store because your clients can easily see what's through; at the same time, the package is sealed tightly, so you don't have to worry about bacteria. I think clients dig that, too - because they seem to buy ‘untouched' bread more than they buy food in paper or other bags that don't seal that tight.
  2. Carter Henry
    I've never thought that I would choose anything but paper bags for my bakery. It's just no other ones did their job. But these do! Bread never gets stale, so I will stick to these for a while and see how it is going.