SafePro 6315H 6x3x15-Inch High Clarity Heavy Duty Poly Bags, 500/CS

SafePro 6315H 6x3x15-Inch High Clarity Heavy Duty Poly Bags, 500/CS

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SafePro 6315H 6x3x15-Inch High Clarity Heavy Duty Poly Bags, 500/CS FEATURES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • For wrapping up candies, nuts, pastries, and take-away treats
  • Spacious 6 x 3 x 15 in. size
  • Flexible yet durable polyethylene construction
  • Fridge and freezer safe
  • Keeps snacks and treats fresher for longer
  • Clear finish encourages impulse buying
  • Meet FDA/USDA food handling guidelines
  • Great for candy stores, bakeries, and supermarkets

Get your candies, veggies, fruits, nuts, and pastries ready for your customers with the SafePro 6315H 6x3x15-Inch Heavy Duty Poly Bags, 500/CS. They have a clear color and flexible poly design that will suit a variety of needs in a candy store, bakery, or grocery store. Add a food label or price sticker to customize them.

More Information
ID 43535
Length (Inch) 6
Width (Inch) 3
Height (Inch) 15
SKU 6315H
Manufacturer SafePro
Units of measure CS
Discontinued No
Weight (Lbs) 4.500000
UPC 600142264942
Type Filter Plastic Bag
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear

Polyethylene Construction

Made from polyethylene, the bags are durable and flexible. They act as a sanitary barrier between your tasty treats and the counter or customers’ hands. Easily secure the bags shut with tape or a twist tie for spill-free use. When shut properly, the bags block out oxygen, extending the life of your perishable goods.


The bags meet FDA/USDA food handling guidelines, so you can use them in variety of food applications. Safely use them in the freezer, in the fridge, or on a shelf at room temperature. Their large 6 x 3 x 15-inch size can accommodate a wide range of goods. Package up large portions of nuts, cookies, candies, pretzels, and more.

Clear Finish

Their crystal-clear finish will assist in your food merchandising efforts. Customers can clearly see what’s for sale, which encourages impulse purchases. Employees too can easily recognize what’s inside each bag. This makes restocking shelves or bakery display cases more efficient and more accurate.

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  1. Marc Crammer
    The bags are quite good - both for the freezer and an open fridge shelf. The downside is that they still let the air in, no matter how tightly you wrap them. And, of course, they do not look as sleek as flat vacuum bags, but their low price compensates for that.
  2. Michael Schubert
    I love that these bags are flexible and cheap. You can store practically any products, regardless of the size - not just portioned steaks and fish.