SafePro EZNAP6M, 7.5x6.5-Inch Heavenly Soft Interfold Dispenser Napkins, 6000/CS

SafePro EZNAP6M, 7.5x6.5-Inch Heavenly Soft Interfold Dispenser Napkins, 6000/CS

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SafePro EZNAP6M, 7.5x6.5-Inch Heavenly Soft Interfold Dispenser Napkins, 6000/CS FEATURES & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • Interfolded napkins for use in a dispenser
  • Made from recycled paper and post-consumer content
  • Eco-friendly and 100% compostable
  • Bleach-free natural brown color
  • Soft to touch for comfortable use
  • For restaurants, pizzerias, and fast food joints

Refill your napkin dispensers with the SafePro 28510, 7.5x6.5-Inch Heavenly Soft Interfold Dispenser Napkins, 6000/CS. Made from recycled paper and post-consumer content, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to white bleached napkins. Use them in your coffee shop, pizzeria, restaurant, or fast food joint. They also make a fine addition to any cafeteria or food court.

More Information
ID 88427
Length (Inch) 7.5
Width (Inch) 6.5
Manufacturer SafePro
Units of measure CS
Weight (Lbs) 16.9000
UPC 784321305838
Type Filter Napkin
Material Paper
Style Interfolded
Length (Inch) per Case 23
Width (Inch) per Case 15
Height (Inch) per Case 18

Dispenser-Ready Design

The napkins come interfolded and ready for insertion into a napkin dispenser. They’ll come out one-by-one when pulled from the dispenser. Not only does this help to cut back on waste, but it also ensures that customers only touch the napkin they will use.

Recycled Construction

These eco-friendly restaurant napkins were made from recycled paper and post-consumer content. Their durable yet soft construction offers a convenient, comfortable way for your customers to clean themselves while dining. Once soiled, these napkins cannot be recycled, but they can be composted.

Natural Color

Most white napkins get their color from bleach during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, these toxic bleaching chemicals are then released into the environment after the napkins are disposed of. Designed to be safe for the environment, the SafePro 28510 dispenser napkins have an all-brown, natural color that’s free from harmful bleach or other chemicals.


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  1. Wendy Roberts Hill
    They are really heavenly soft, no kidding! It is amazing that being that delicate doesn’t prevent them from being usable. People think that the softer the paper is, the less durable the napkin will be. But it is not the case. You can easily clean cream, coffee, or anything else that accidentally gets on your hands with a single napkin. And there is no need to take more and more! Still, I don’t dig the color because you have to buy everything else to match them - paper cups, doilies, etc.
  2. Jimmy Douglas
    I have never come across other napkins that could compare to these ones. First, I will never buy anything that is not eco-friendly for my coffee shop. This would contradict our mission. Secondly, all other options made from recycled materials are too rough. These ones are as soft as bleached ones, and we don’t have to compromise our vision using them.
  3. Harry Parker
    These napkins are perfect for a small pizzeria. We just hand them when we serve drinks and have an additional dispenser on the counter. They don’t look ordinary, like the white ones and are a great match for brown coffee cups. We don’t run out of napkins quickly because of their high quality. Clients don’t need to take more than one or two pieces. Plus, the price is very good!
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