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Small Paper Plates by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies: The Best Choice for All Occasions

If you are going to eat outside, then purchasing our disposable plates can make your meal time more convenient. You can take them with you on a hike or order when organizing an outdoor event. These disposable plates can also be useful for home use. In other words, at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies we have a great selection of plates for almost every occasion.

Advantages of Our Plates

If you want to buy small paper plates, then you need to know everything about them. You should be aware of the following benefits of our products:

  • High quality from the best manufacturers;
  • Great variety in sizes, shapes, materials, and colors;
  • Only top-quality materials;
  • The ability to take in large quantities and more.

It is here that you can pick up small paper plates in bulk, which will not let you down. Once you are convinced of their quality, you will always want to buy only in our showroom. Moreover, here you can find other paper utensils, paper dinnerware and cooking utensils.

Showroom and Delivery

You have 2 options to get small paper plates from us. The first of course in the showroom in New York. It's in Brooklyn, so it's easy to get to. On the spot, you can see all the variety and choose the plates that suit you and more.

If you are a little further away, we will be happy to send you products by delivery. We can send small paper plates in bulk anywhere in the USA. If you are located in the New York Metro Area, then delivery will be completely free. Plus, if you order more than $99 from us, you'll get free shipping in the NY Metro Area as a bonus. We will do it as quickly as possible, or we will deliver exactly at the time and place you specified if you are ordering for an event.