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  1. Winco ALRK-20-HC, 23x28x62-Inch Heavy-Duty Sheet Pan Rack Cover with Window
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  2. MG014C, 14-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG014C
  3. MG008C, 8-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG008C
  4. MG018C, 18-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG018C
  5. MG024C, 24-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG024C
  6. MG086C, 86-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG086C
  7. MG048C, 48-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG048C
  8. MG096C, 96-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG096C

Storage Accessories

Storage Accessories by McDonald Paper

Just like our storage racks and stands, our shelving components are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. With our storage accessories, you can upgrade your shelving or just replace some parts of it. For even greater flexibility and mobility, we offer heavy-duty replacing parts that are easy to attach and remove and they are non-marking.

With a huge assortment of shelving accessories at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Shelving Casters
  • Shelving Extend Handles
  • Shelving Wall Mount Baskets
  • Polycarbonate Shelving Mats
  • Shelf Sleeve Clips
  • Shelving Security Cages
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Thunder Group, Winco, and Krowne, you can choose wire shelving replacement parts and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper offers shelving accessories in a variety of types, sizes, and materials. All of our products, from display cases, wire storage racks, and shelves, to racks for glasses, dishes, and silverware are selected with the needs of a busy restaurant and professional kitchen in mind. We have two kinds of casters: screw-on sets and casters that are fixed in place with screws and nuts. These, along with our shelf sleeve clips and other convenient shelving accessories are specially coated to prevent corrosion. Choose shelving posts for installing shelves in shelving units. Made of wear-resistant epoxy-coated metal, which is easy to clean and maintain and convenient for use in wet environments. Our wheels for utility cart is a direct replacement for the damaged wheel on your utility carts. Featuring a nice design, this item gets your equipment up and moving again in no time with quick and easy installation. All of our products have a sturdy, reliable construction for exceptional comfort in use.

    Browse our Hand Trucks & Pallet Jacks and Dish Boxes sections to find everything you need to customize your restaurant's storage system.

    We can also ship you the catalog of our company where you can check out all the products that we have. Moreover, we offer free shipping on all our orders over $100 in New York Metro area.