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Walk-In Freezers

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Walk-In Freezers

Walk-In Freezer is a vast freezer used for long term storing of various foods and food ingredients. Because of large sizes, these units use powerful refrigerating systems, which are typically located either on top of the box or outside the building, depending on the commercial kitchen ventilation specifics. Each type has its scope of applicability: on one hand, self-contained freezers are easier to install, but on the other hand, if you have limited space or high air temperatures, it might be better to choose a remote system. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers a considerable selection of Walk-In Freezers, all of different sizes and properties, letting you find the one that will definitely satisfy every particular requirement. If your goods don't need to go below 32 °F, be sure to check out our Walk-In Refrigerators category. For smaller freezers, you are welcome to browse through our list of Reach-In Freezers!