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  1. ADA382, 10.25Oz Old Fashioned Glass, 48/CS
    SKU: ADA382
  2. PacknWood 209BBATAMI, 3.8-Inch Bamboo Picks Black End With Red Bead, 2000/CS
    Special Price $71.99 Regular Price $87.99
  3. PacknWood 209BBBHUT10, 3.9-Inch Boot Single Prong Bamboo Skewers with Block End, 480/CS
    SKU: 209BBBHUT10
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $73.99
  4. PacknWood 209BBBHUT15, 6-Inch Boot Single Prong Bamboo Skewers with Block End, 480/CS
    SKU: 209BBBHUT15
    Special Price $73.99 Regular Price $89.99
  5. PacknWood 209BBBIJ12, 4.75-Inch Bijou Bamboo Picks With While Pearl, 2000/CS
    SKU: 209BBBIJ12
    Special Price $113.99 Regular Price $139.99
  6. PacknWood 209BBBIJ9, 3.5-Inch Bijou Bamboo Picks With While Pearl, 2000/CS
    SKU: 209BBBIJ9
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $121.99
  7. PacknWood 209BBFOTSY10, 4.07-Inch Fotsy Black Bamboo Skewer With Looped Heart Design, 2000/CS
    SKU: 209BBFOTSY10
    Special Price $173.99 Regular Price $214.99
  8. PacknWood 209BBFOTSY15, 5.85-Inch Fotsy Black Bamboo Skewer with Looped Heart Design, 2000/CS
    SKU: 209BBFOTSY15
    Special Price $191.99 Regular Price $236.99
  9. PacknWood 209BBJIGR, 5.9-Inch Heart Bamboo Picks with Red Ball, 1000/CS
    SKU: 209BBJIGR
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $152.99
  10. PacknWood 209BBJIGN, 5.9-Inch Heart Bamboo Picks with Natural Ball, 1000/CS
    SKU: 209BBJIGN
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $153.99

Bar Supplies

Bar Supplies by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

A substantial part of revenue comes from the bar. Thus, high-quality bar equipment and fully stocked bar supplies are very important part of expenses. Moreover, a set of fine bar glasses can be a decoration too.

No matter what your customer orders: an old Chianti Classico in an elegant glass, a fun tropical drink with a colorful umbrella or a hip handcrafted set in bar shot glasses, we have the bar serveware you need. Our beautiful glassware, stemware and accessories will enhance your customers' experience.

With a huge assortment of beverageware and cocktail supplies at McDonald Paper, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

В Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Thunder Group, Winco, Libbey, Neman Crystal, Crystalex, Fineline Settings and others, you can choose any bar tools and equipment and be sure that it is the best prices and quality.

Whether you are serving beer and wine, classic cocktails or competing in the trendy world of artisanal drinks, it is vitally important to equip the bartender with the necessary tools. It will make the presentation of drinks both entertaining and visually exciting. From bottle openers and corkscrews to zesters and whiskey stones (and everything in between) we have all the commercial bar equipment a modern place needs.

Since the bar is often the front line of your foodservice establishment, where people wait for their tables and meet their dining companions, you surely want to make a great first impression. With our incredible selection of restaurant bar supplies, McDonald Paper can ensure that you never run out of crystal bar glasses on a busy Saturday night, and that your establishment operates even more smoothly and seamlessly.

Browse our website to find Kitchen Hand Tools and Food Prep Tools sections and equip your kitchen in a professional manner.

McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies has been a reliable supplier of bar and restaurant equipment for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Looking for wholesale bar supplies store near you? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of commercial bar supplies.