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  1. MG008C, 8-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG008C
  2. MG014C, 14-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG014C
  3. MG018C, 18-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG018C
  4. MG024C, 24-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG024C
  5. MG048C, 48-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG048C
  6. MG086C, 86-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG086C
  7. MG096C, 96-Inch Chrome Post, NSF
    SKU: MG096C
  8. MG086GN, 86-Inch Green Epoxy Post, NSF
    SKU: MG086GN

Shelving Parts

Shelving Accessories - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Complete your storage shelving with all essential accessories and keep your kitchen storage area organized. Safely store your supplies and accommodate space at your storage area using our shelves with accessories. Whether you have a wire shelving at your restaurant, cafe, bar, bistro or other foodservice establishment, our shelving parts always come in handy!

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our shelve parts options:

  • Shelving Extend Handles
  • Shelving Wall Mount Baskets
  • Polycarbonate Shelving Mats
  • Shelf Sleeve Clips
  • Epoxy Coated Wire Shelf Posts
  • Chrome Wire Shelf Dividers
  • Due to our careful selection of trusted brands such as Winco and Thunder Group, you can choose wire shelving parts and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers commercial shelving parts in a variety of type, material and style, be sure to find a perfect items to meet your needs. Our shelving foot plate with screws is an essential addition to the system of wire shelving units and provide exceptional convenience in use. This footplate combines great quality and practical design. Choose mobile shelving extend handle to make maneuvering your wire shelving set a breeze. This handle can be attached at any height on your shelving unit for maximum convenience and comes with split sleeves for attaching the handle into your shelving unit. Use epoxy wire double wall shelving basket for maximizing and organizing your foodservice operation. It has a heavy duty construction for enhanced durability and easy installation. Epoxy coated wire is wear-resistant material, which is easy to clean and maintain and convenient for use in wet environments.

    Browse our website to find Shelves and Casters sections and add all necessary items to your storage area.