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Hand Trucks & Pallet Jacks

Hand Trucks & Pallet Jacks by McDonald Paper

McDonald Paper has the unbeatable product selection and expertise to customize a professional restaurant storage system for your establishment! We offer hand trucks and pallet jacks to move heavy items a breeze. Whether you need to transport different sheet pans, boxes or pallets at your storage area, our hand trucks and pallet jacks always come in handy!

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our pallet jacks and hand trucks options:

  • Sheet Pan Trucks
  • Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks
  • Economy Hand Trucks
  • Pallet Truck Jacks
  • Carts With Diamond Steel Decks
  • Cobra Jr Convertible Trucks
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Wesco and Winco, you can choose heavy duty hand truck and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers pallet truck jacks and hand trucks in a variety of style, size and material, be sure to find a perfect items to meet your needs. Our hand trucks are light weight and have soft-tread wheels for a smooth ride. They remain steady while being maneuvered around obstacles and through narrow spaces. A simple-to-use belt tightener secures objects firmly in place. Our pallet jacks are perfect for larger loads and allow you to transport palletized items easily. Our aluminum sheet pan truck is made from galvanized aluminum which makig the truck very durable and last longing. You can transport about 600 lbs on this sheet pan truck. The truck also has a side-rail to hold trays in place during storage or movement. Industrial heavy duty pallet truck jack boasts 5500-lbs capacity for especially heavy loads. Reinforced forks with tapered entry rollers, heavy-duty handle and sturdy frame provide exceptional balance and safety in use. Additional convenience is ensured with lowering speed control and overload protection. Reliable and easy to maneuver, this pallet truck jack will become a great helper at your warehouse. Call us today and make an order!

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