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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Reduce costs for paper towels, by using hand dryers in your establishment.

They require very little maintenance cost compared to paper towels. Buying hand dryer is excellent investment for any shop, supermarket and home.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find different types of hand dryers. All models produced by American Dryer. It is a leading producer of hand dryers since 1952. We offer wide assortment of hands dryers..

If you want special hand dryer, you can buy ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean™ models offer an even more upscale technological level – elimination of germs. Cold Plasma Clean is a patented technology, which presupposes conversion of the air into cold plasma which is well known for its germ-killing ability. However, no matter what your requirements to a hand dryer are, At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find the appropriate model for any budget and store place.

At our store you can find:

  • Adjustable High Speed Hand Dryer with Cold Plasma Technology
  • Steel Cover Advantage Hand Dryer
  • Stainless Steel Cover Advantage Hair Dryer
  • Hand Dryer with AВЅ Cover
  • Economy Hand And Surface Dryer
  • No-heat (Eco) Adjustable High Speed Hand Dryer
  • Adjustable High Speed and Energy Efficient Hand Dryer.

In our hand dryers we combine the highest standards in technology, design and efficiency. Contact us now if you need one!.

At McDonald Paper, we have a selected range of American Dryer models which would perfectly fit for your establishment and become the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-saving solution than any other alternative. To keep your store or supermarket clean, please, check out our Cleaning Tools and Cleaning Chemicals.