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Compostable Napkins

If you are looking for maximum dining comfort for visitors at your outdoor establishment, then you should use our biodegradable napkins. It is wrappers that will be the best and safest solution for any catering establishment, catering, or event.

All products are made from the best raw materials. We have been cooperating with the best manufacturers for many years, and all the time we have only high-quality products. Among the range of recyclable napkins, you can find:

  • Single-layer eco-friendly napkins;
  • Dry wax multi-layered paper for fine dining;
  • Napkins from natural paper.

Such compostable napkins and wraps will be not only convenient to use, but also environmentally friendly for the earth. This means that they decompose quickly enough and can be recycled.

Thousands of customers choose us as a supplier of sustainable napkins and other disposable tableware for outdoor eating. We supply our products to various establishments throughout America and neighboring countries. 

And there are hundreds of clients who cooperate with us constantly. By the way, in addition to delivery to all regions of the United States, you can visit our showroom in Brooklyn. Here you can be convinced of the high quality of more than 20,000 products.

If you also want us to become your partner, just place an order or contact us to clarify the important details of cooperation. We will always welcome new partners.