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  1. Cambro 25S800110, Camrack 8.5-Inch High Black 25-Compartment Glass Rack W/4 Extenders
    SKU: 25S800110
    Special Price $63.49 Regular Price $73.49
  2. Cambro 25S1214168, Camrack 12.63-Inch High Blue 25-Compartment Glass Rack W/6 Extenders
    SKU: 25S1214168
    Special Price $88.49 Regular Price $101.99
  3. Cambro 20S800110, Camrack 8.5-Inch High Black 20-Compartment Glass Rack W/4 Extenders
    SKU: 20S800110
    Special Price $61.49 Regular Price $70.99
  4. Cambro 20S638110, Camrack 6.88-Inch High Black 20-Compartment Glass Rack W/3 Extenders
    SKU: 20S638110
    Special Price $50.99 Regular Price $58.99
  5. Winco SPR-32S, 32-Inch Speed Rail, Single
    SKU: SPR-32S
  6. Winco SPR-42D, 42-Inch Speed Rail, Double
    SKU: SPR-42D
  7. Winco SPR-22S, 22-Inch Speed Rail, Single
    SKU: SPR-22S
  8. Winco SPR-42S, 42-Inch Speed Rail, Single
    SKU: SPR-42S

Bar Organizers

Organize Your Bar Space

A bar's efficiency and aesthetics are of utmost importance. Bar organizers are more than simply a tool; they are an integral part of the service process, contributing to both the visual appeal and the total satisfaction of the client. Whether you're setting up a chic cocktail lounge or a busy commercial bar, it's crucial to grasp the intricacies of bar tool organizers. This knowledge will greatly influence how you run your company.

Common Bar Storage Solutions

  • A Primer

Bar organizers are a collection of objects used to keep a bar's workspace tidy. Caddies, racks, speed rails, straw dispensers, Sugar in the Raw containers, and toothpick dispensers are among them. Bartenders need all their tools to provide clean, swift drinks.

  • Bar Tool Caddy

Bar tool caddies hold strainers, muddlers, stirrers, and shakers. You can keep all your bar equipment organized and accessible with this bar organizer. A clean caddy also shows customers that your firm values efficiency and professionalism.

  • Dispensers
  • Essentials include condiments, napkins, and straw dispensers. Its controlled dosing and easy accessibility save waste and increase hygiene. Straw dispensers allow customers to use straws without touching others.

  • Speed Rail
  • Stainless steel speed rails commonly underlay bar tops. It puts the most utilized liquor bottles in one spot, so bartenders can quickly serve drinks. Bar service is all on efficiency, and a well-organized speed rail can make a bartender stand out.

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