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  1. Winco CKS-13, 13-Inch Stainless Cake Stand
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Bakery Display Cases

A restaurant, coffee shop or other food service establishment's success and profitability largely depends on the type of food presented. A special refrigerated showcase for a restaurant, bar, fast food outlet, or cafe-bistro will help to keep food fresh and at the same time demonstrate the goods and dishes. 

With the right bakery display cases and other display utensils, you can attract customers to the products you want to promote. McDonald Paper has everything from cake tabletop, pastry display cases, and baskets to lids, trays, and domes!

Choice of quality Displayware & Cases

The choice of refrigeration equipment depends on the customer's needs and the peculiarities of a specific location.

Refrigerated display cases for cafes and restaurants are offered:

  • multi-purpose display cases with open shelves and boxes with glass doors;
  • refrigerated counters with receptacles for prepared cold dishes;
  • heating units and refrigerators;
  • counter bakery display cases for the restaurant.

For each installation, the cooling system is competently selected, and the design is created by the interior of the room. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers quality merchandising and versatile custom equipment at a reasonable cost.

Perfect Items from McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies  

If you're still wondering where to buy the perfect items for your food service business, be sure to check out the cookie display cases and cabinet options on the McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website.

The cabinets are available in durable and washable materials such as plastic and glass. 

Modern showcases for cafes, bars and stores are made in accordance with the latest ideas about selling design, convenience of visibility and display. It is the correct display of goods that affects sales. In addition, showcases for bars and cafes, presented in our catalog, maintain the correct temperature conditions required for storage.

All items offered offer perfect visibility for all types of baked food and can be used for restaurants, bakeries, or any other establishments as well as for the home.  

For other table accessories, please see the commercial sections Table Stands and Buffet Stands and Stands and Lifts.

To buy cabinets with delivery, or ask questions, leave a request for a callback or call the specified number.