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  1. PacknWood 209BBMAHAL, 3.9x1.55-Inch Mahal Black Bamboo Tear Shaped Tasting Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $125.99 Regular Price $155.99
  2. PacknWood 209BBMIKNI, 3.5x0.4-Inch Mikni Natural Bamboo Mini Knife Spreader, 500/CS
    Special Price $169.99 Regular Price $208.99
  3. PacknWood 209BBNEMKA, 3.57x0.41-Inch Kamala Bamboo Mini Fork, 500/CS
    Special Price $189.99 Regular Price $235.99
  4. PacknWood 209BBNEMKIN, 3.6x0.38-inch Tung Black Bamboo Mini Spoon, 500/CS
    Special Price $197.99 Regular Price $243.99
  5. PacknWood 209BBNNEMKOT, 3.55x0.35-Inch Mikni Natural Bamboo Mini Knife Spreader, 500/CS
    Special Price $185.99 Regular Price $229.99
  6. PacknWood 209BBPATTAYA, 3.9-Inch Pattay Bamboo Mini Dish Tasting Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $107.99 Regular Price $132.99
  7. PacknWood 209BBIWAKI, 0.25 Oz 3.65-Inch "Iwaki" Bamboo Spoon, 500/CS
    Special Price $217.99 Regular Price $268.99
  8. PacknWood 209BBKAMALA, 3.5-Inch "Kamala" Bamboo Mini Fork, 500/CS
    Special Price $177.99 Regular Price $218.99
  9. PacknWood 209BBKHLONG, 4.1x1.15-Inch "Khlong" Bamboo Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $77.99 Regular Price $95.99
  10. PacknWood 209BBPHUKET, 3.9x1.55-Inch "Phuket" Bamboo Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $75.99 Regular Price $93.99
  11. PacknWood 209BBPIN154, 6-Inch Bamboo Tong, 200/CS
    SKU: 209BBPIN154
    Special Price $65.99 Regular Price $81.99
  12. PacknWood 209BBPIN94, 3.6-Inch Bamboo Tong, 200/CS
    SKU: 209BBPIN94
    Special Price $51.99 Regular Price $63.99
  13. PacknWood 209BВЅERV2, 9.9-Inch Bamboo 2-Piece Serving Set, 50/CS
    SKU: 209BBSERV2
    Special Price $97.99 Regular Price $119.99
  14. PacknWood 209BВЅURAT, 6.5-Inch "Surat" Bamboo Flat Fork, 500/CS
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $129.99
  15. PacknWood 209BBTONGS26, 9.75-Inch Bamboo Serving Tongs, 50/CS
    SKU: 209BBTONGS26
    Special Price $89.99 Regular Price $111.99
  16. PacknWood 209BBTRID5, 5.5-Inch "Trident" Bamboo Fork, 500/CS
    SKU: 209BBTRID5
    Special Price $57.99 Regular Price $70.99
  17. PacknWood 209BBTUNG, 3.6-Inch "Tung" Bamboo Mini Spoon, 500/CS
    SKU: 209BBTUNG
    Special Price $179.99 Regular Price $221.99
  18. PacknWood 210BBOUSPO5, 5.1-Inch Bamboo Leaf Tasting Spoon, 500/CS
    SKU: 210BBOUSPO5
    Special Price $163.99 Regular Price $203.99
  19. PacknWood 210BGLACE, 3-Inch Unwrapped Wooden Ice Cream Spoon, 10000/CS
    SKU: 210BGLACE
    Special Price $173.99 Regular Price $213.99
  20. PacknWood 210BICE, 3.7-Inch Unwrapped Wooden Ice Cream Spoon, 3000/CS
    SKU: 210BICE
    Special Price $81.99 Regular Price $101.99
  21. PacknWood 210BICE11, 3.75-Inch Unwrapped Spoon for Ice Cream, 3000/CS
    SKU: 210BICE11
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $129.99
  22. PacknWood 210BICE7, 2.72-Inch Unwrapped Spoon for Ice Cream, 3000/CS
    SKU: 210BICE7
    Special Price $103.99 Regular Price $126.99
  23. PacknWood 210CVB143, 5.4-Inch Unwrapped Small Wooden Spoon, 2000/CS
    SKU: 210CVB143
    Special Price $67.99 Regular Price $82.99
  24. PacknWood 210CCB11, 4.28-Inch Unwrapped Mini Wooden Spoon, 3000/CS
    SKU: 210CCB11
    Special Price $131.99 Regular Price $161.99
  25. PacknWood 210CCWREN, 4.62-Inch Unwrapped Elegant Wooden Coffee Spoon, 3000/CS6
    SKU: 210CCWREN
    Special Price $171.99 Regular Price $211.99
  26. PacknWood 210COUVB3K, 7.8-Inch Wooden Cutlery 3/1 kit (Knife + Fork + Spoon), 250/CS
    SKU: 210COUVB3K
    Special Price $81.99 Regular Price $101.99
  27. PacknWood 210COUVB4K, 8.2-Inch Wooden Cutlery 4/1 kit (Knife + Fork + Spoon + Napkin), 250/CS
    SKU: 210COUVB4K
    Special Price $93.99 Regular Price $115.99
  28. PacknWood 210CVB1W, 7.75x1.95-Inch Wrapped Wooden Fork, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVB1W
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $73.99
  29. PacknWood 210CVB2W, 7.75x1.95-Inch Wrapped Wooden Knife, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVB2W
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $84.99
  30. PacknWood 210CVB3W, 7.5x1.95-Inch Wrapped Wooden Spoon, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVB3W
    Special Price $73.99 Regular Price $90.99
  31. PacknWood 210CVBA125, 4.7-Inch Unwrapped Small Bamboo Spoon, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBA125
    Special Price $101.99 Regular Price $126.99
  32. PacknWood 210CVBA171, 6.1-Inch Unwrapped Bamboo Fork, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBA171
    Special Price $121.99 Regular Price $150.99
  33. PacknWood 210CVBA172, 6.15-Inch Unwrapped Bamboo Knife, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBA172
    Special Price $119.99 Regular Price $147.99
  34. PacknWood 210CVBA173, 6.25-Inch Unwrapped Bamboo Spoon, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBA173
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $151.99
  35. PacknWood 210CVBAK3K, 7-Inch Wrapped Bamboo Cutlery 3/1 Kit (Knife, Fork, Spoon), 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBAK3K
    Special Price $375.99 Regular Price $466.99
  36. PacknWood 210CVBAK4K, 7-Inch Wrapped Bamboo Cutlery 4/1 Kit (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin), 250/CS
    SKU: 210CVBAK4K
    Special Price $405.99 Regular Price $503.99

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cutlery

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cutlery by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Biodegradable cutlery is an excellent addition to your catering or street food eco-friendly tableware. Manufactured from renewable resources, such as corn-based starch and wood, our eco-knives, forks, spoons and other goods are 100% recyclable and compostable. McDonald Paper offers you a complete set of cutlery, including Chinese bamboo chopsticks, soup, and teaspoons.

At our store you can find:

  • Heavy Duty Bio Spoons
  • Bamboo Chopsticks
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Wooden Knives
  • Wooden Forks
  • Biodegradable Soup Spoons
  • Biodegradable Teaspoons
  • Biodegradable Forks
  • Eco-sense Black Heavy Duty Bio Knives
  • Recyclable Luxury Spoons

You might also like to choose between white or black color options depending on the style of your foodservice establishment and its cuisine.

At our store, you can find biodegradable disposable bowls produced by PacknWood, Berkley Square, and WNA Comet.

No matter what treats you will serve – sushi or cheesecake – your guests will surely like the look and feel of wooden or plastic knives, spoons, and forks. Light, but durable, it is an excellent combination of convenience and quality, which you could ever expect from disposables. A perfect solution for outdoor venues, street food or catering services!

To provide customer experience of using full eco-friendly tableware, browse our Eco-Friendly Fiber & Bagasse Plates, Eco-Friendly PLA Deli Containers and Eco-Friendly Paper Take-out Boxes & Pizza Boxes sections.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable provider of disposable biodegradable cutlery and bamboo chopsticks wholesale for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner. We offer free shipping throughout the New York Metro area on all orders over $49.99 with a one-day delivery.

Looking where to find cheap, biodegradable cutlery and bamboo chopsticks for sale? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality of wooden and plastic cutlery.