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Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizing Items - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Keeping hygiene in your foodservice business is very important for clients and stuff. It affects reputation and legality of your business. Using sanitize items can improve customers service and carry reputation of your foodservice. Because of this, soaps and hand sanitizers are essential janitorial supplies for every foodservice establishment.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find:

  • Bio Foam Hand Cleaners
  • Antibacterial Soft Soaps
  • Liquid Moisturizing Hand Soaps
  • Foam Sanitizer Refill Cartridges
  • Foam Hand Soap Refill Cartridges
  • Pump Hand Sanitizers

We offer a wide range of soaps and hand sanitizers differing in purpose, kind, and quantity, including liquid and solid soaps and hand lotions. You can choose best options of soaps and hand sanitizers which fit your business. Contact us if you want buy some!

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