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Shopping Bag Stands & Dispensers

Shoppind Bag Stands and Dispensers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

When you want to organize efficient checkout line in a grocery or retail store, make sure your customers are able to haveplenty of plastic bag to hold their selections. Shopping Bags Stands and Dispensers are mounted before or on the countertops to prevent messes while baging the items.

At McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies you can find different types of shopping bags holders:

  • Shopping bad stands
  • Shopping Bags dispensers

Dispenser racks are able to hold large quantity of bags, but they are not easy to grab and pack things in it. Shopping Bags Stands accommodate multiply of types at once and bags stay opened, so your customers have what they need close at hand. Boasting upper- and lower-arm loading, shopping bag stands provide real fast service. McDonald Paper offers large selection of Plastic Bags to restock the supply.