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  1. Yanco PT-012C 12 Oz Plastic Tumbler, 72/CS
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  2. Yanco PT-012R 12 Oz Plastic Tumbler, 72/CS
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  3. Yanco PT-016C 16 Oz Plastic Tumbler, 72/CS
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  4. Yanco PT-016R 16 Oz Plastic Tumbler, 72/CS
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Plastic Drinkware

Reduce Expenses Associated with Replacement by Utilizing Plastic Beverage Glasses

Compared to real glassware, plastic drink glasses are more cheap and easier to transport. Each cup is composed of durable plastic, reducing the risk of broken glass in an accident. Catering, bars, cafeterias, hospital dining halls, and casual restaurants should buy reusable plastic drinkware.

We provide restaurants and bars with reusable plastic water, soda, wine, martini, and beer glasses. They may be used inside and out, so your patio or deck bar won't require new glasses. Your menu may handle any plastic glassware with one of numerous size, style, and capacity choices.

Varieties of Plastic Glasses for Your Establishment

  1. Colored Plastic Tumblers. Plastic glass tumblers with a variety of colors are a great way to liven up any table. They work well for both formal and informal dinners with a theme. Another way the colors may be utilized to help with speedy service is by differentiating beverages.
  2. Pebbled Plastic Tumblers. Plastic tumblers glasses with pebbles on the outside provide a novel tactile sensation. They do a great job of hiding smudges and fingerprints, so the glasses always seem clean.
  3. Havana Polycarbonate Tumblers. These high-quality Havana polycarbonate tumblers seem like glass, but are really very durable. Plastic drinking tumblers are ideal for high-end locations and outdoor events due to their almost indestructible nature.
  4. Clear Plastic Pitchers. These transparent plastic pitchers are stylish and functional for pouring big beverages. These durable, lightweight displays are perfect for colorful drinks.
  5. Plastic Decanters With Lids. For the storage and serving of infused waters or juices, plastic decanters with lids are an absolute must. The sealed containers are ideal for use on breakfast bars and buffets since they maintain cleanliness and freshness.

Plastic Drinking Glasses Safety Benefits

  • There is less potential for harm and property damage due to plastic's shatter-resistant properties.
  • Plastic has a longer service life since it can endure several uses and washing cycles.
  • You'll save money in the long run since the replacement costs are lower than with plastic glasses for drinking.
  • Party glasses for drinks offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, allowing you to choose the perfect one to complement your drink's presentation.

Uses in Various Contexts

  • In more relaxed eating settings, such as cafes and restaurants, plastic glass mugs and tumblers work well. Particularly in places that cater to families or have a big number of customers, they lessen the likelihood of damage.
  • Plastic glass cups provide style without the breakage of glass, making them ideal for use around pools and other outdoor venues.
  • Plastic drinkware tumblers are perfect for big gatherings and parties since they are easy to use and provide a safe environment for guests.

Contact McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies — Your Reliable Source for Wholesale Plastic Drinkware

Seeking a dependable source for high-quality plastic drinkware tumblers for your business? Calling all entrepreneurs! If you're looking for something specific, McDonald Paper is at your service! We take great pride in stocking a large variety of plastic drinkware, such as colorful and lumpy tumblers, clear pitchers and decanters with lids, and Havana polycarbonate tumblers. Businesses in the food service, hotel, and catering industries may all benefit from these items.